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    The Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Level 2 training is a one-day class that will equip students with the advanced features and functions of Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.

    Completion of the course equips the participants with the following skill set:

    • Collaborating with other people.
    • Saving presentations in other formats.
    • Adding and reviewing comments.
    • Sending presentations directly from PowerPoint.
    • Merging presentation versions.
    • Viewing and changing slide masters.
    • Creating theme colors and fonts.
    • Creating slide layouts.
    • Saving custom design templates.
    • Preparing presentations for travel.
    • Password-protect presentations.
    • Rehearsing presentations.
    • Saving presentations as videos.
    • Changing default program options.
    • Customizing the ribbon.
    • Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar.
    • Adapting presentations for different audiences.

    Module 1: Share and Review Presentations

    In this module, participants will learn PowerPoint’s new co-authoring capabilities.


    • Collaborate with Other People
    • Save Presentations in Other Formats
    • Send Presentations Directly from PowerPoint
    • Password-Protecting Presentations
    • Add and Review Comments
    • Merge Presentation Versions

    Lab:  Saving Presentations in Other Formats
    Lab:  Sending Presentations Directly from PowerPoint
    Lab:  Password-Protecting Presentations
    Lab:  Adding and Reviewing Comments
    Lab:  Merging Presentation Versions

    Module 2: Create Custom Presentation Elements

    In this module, participants will learn how to work with colour schemes and font sets, master slides and master layouts, and design templates.


    • Create Theme Colours and Fonts
    • View and Change Slide Masters
    • Create Slide Layouts
    • Save Custom Design Templates

    Lab:  Creating Theme Colours and Fonts
    Lab:  Viewing and Changing Slide Masters
    Lab:  Creating Slide Layouts
    Lab:  Saving Custom Design Templates

    Module 3: Prepare for Delivery

    In this module, participants will learn how to modify a presentation to show to different audiences, practice giving a presentation and set slide timings, package a presentation to show someplace else, save a presentation as a video.


    • Adapt Presentations for Different Audiences
    • Rehearse Presentations
    • Prepare Presentations for Travel
    • Save Presentations as Videos

    Lab:  Adapting Presentations for Different Audiences
    Lab:  Rehearsing Presentations
    Lab:  Preparing Presentations for Travel
    Lab:  Saving Presentations as Videos

    Module 4: Customize PowerPoint

    In this module, participants will learn how to set up the PowerPoint window to make commands readily available.


    • Change Default Program Options
    • Customize the Ribbon
    • Customize the Quick Access Toolbar

    Lab:  Changing Default Program Options
    Lab:  Customizing the Ribbon
    Lab:  Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar

    This course is beneficial for information workers who want to learn advanced-level PowerPoint 2010 skills.

    Before attending this course, candidates must have:

    • Basic computer knowledge, such as keyboard and mouse skills.
    • Basic file management skills.
    • Basic knowledge of the PowerPoint user interface and presentation creation.

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