[INFOGRAPHICS] 7 Best Cloud Computing Certification Courses 2018
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    [INFOGRAPHICS] 7 Best Cloud Computing Certification Courses 2018

    Devarpita Pathak | Dec 26, 2017 | 4854 Views | 0 Comments
    [INFOGRAPHICS] 7 Best Cloud Computing Certification Courses 2018

    Cloud Computing was the buzzword for 2017 and is anticipated to continue and increase in the upcoming year 2018 too.

    Before getting into the courses, let us have a small peek into the industries/services that have adopted/adopting cloud computing and what CEOs are saying about cloud computing?

    Amazon Web Services adopted cloud computing and is long dominated in the field. It announced this Wednesday about adoption to Kubernetes, as a sign of increased competition cloud computing businesses.

    Salesforce, one of the largest cloud computing companies says that Indian enterprises are adopting cloud for their core applications at a faster rate.

    Sunil Jose, Senior vice-president in-charge of Indian operations says that cloud has become the mainstream. Earlier it was a discussion in the boardrooms and was limited to experiments.

    Lei Chen, CEO of Xunlei plans to start a business in the US and extend to the European market in the first half of 2018. Xunlei, which had launched its one cloud service in August 2017 witnesses lowered costs on the photo, video storage, and other functions.

    Patrick M. Shanahan, Deputy Defense Secretary says, “Accelerating DoD’s adoption of cloud computing technologies is critical to maintaining our military’s technological advantage”.

    In order to develop trade opportunities with others in the market, Indian clients are set to work with Alibaba Cloud, one of the largest IaaS providers in the world. The small and medium-sized businesses in India will be availing the cloud computing services at the New data center, Mumbai in January 2018.

    And whatnot?

    More and more news about cloud computing is hitting the headlines.

    Eventually, IT professionals with Cloud IT skills are in high demand.

    And as new credentials are popping up, its high time for the IT professionals [irrespective of their designation] and aspiring individuals to jot down ‘way forward in 2018’ about their career and its path.

    We believe this blog written in the context of cloud certifications that one may take up as a way forward in 2018, would help them to have a ‘quick through’ about the best cloud computing certification courses available as of this date.


    The best cloud certifications trends for 2018 would emphasize on vendor-neutral and vendor-specific certification options.


    7 Best Cloud Computing Certification in 2018 Are Listed Below

    best cloud certification for 2018 


    Amazon holds about 40% of the market share in cloud computing services market and thus AWS certifications are more demanding.

    The Amazon Web Services Certifications equips the IT professionals with the technical knowledge essential to design, deploy, and operate infrastructure and applications on AWS.

    The certifications are presented at various levels like the associate, professional, and expert. They are mainly aimed at developers, architects, operation professionals, and specialty certs in big data and advanced networking.

    The Amazon offers the study materials, practice exams, levels of courses, and its training on its website.  

    A few of the AWS courses include:



    The cloud platform is changing and transforming businesses. Microsoft’s cloud platform helps to lead an organization through the real digital transformation. If a candidate is about to start a career or a cloud-savvy, there are courses for everyone.

    The MCSE: Cloud platform and infrastructure certification enhance the candidate’s skills in identity management, system management, virtualization, storage, and networking. The certified professional would be an expert in cloud technologies so as to run a modern data center.

    The MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure credential could be obtained after earning any one of the following Microsoft Certified Solution Associate [MCSA] certifications.

    • MCSA: Cloud Platform
    • MCSA: Linux on Azure
    • MCSA: Windows Server 2016
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    Google certification provides an understanding of cloud architecture and Google technology. The candidate is able to design, develop, and manage secure, scalable, and dynamic solutions so as to drive business objectives.

    A Google Certified Professional-Cloud Architect is able to design a cloud solution architecture, manage the infrastructure and cloud implementations, design security compliance, ensure operations reliability and solution, analyze and optimize business and technical processes.



    With the context of enterprises building hybrid clouds, IBM offers cloud services. It provides multiple entry points to the cloud. It comprises Bluemix private cloud [PaaS], CMS [SaaS] solutions, and Softlayer public cloud services [IaaS].

    In the arena of cloud computing, IBM has its own certifications which ascertain the individual’s aptitude to deliver cloud computing design and architectural capabilities. There are about 72 certifications related to Cloud. The solution Architects are able to demonstrate plan, design, architect and manage the IBM"s cloud computing infrastructure.

    As per IBM, the solution architect certification is meant to deliver a valid and reliable method to assess skills and knowledge, develop a community who can recommend, sell, serve, or support the IBM products and solutions.

    A few of the IBM cloud certifications area as follows:

    • IBM certified solution advisor – Cloud reference architecture V5
    • IBM certified solution architect – Cloud platform solution V2
    • Certified advanced application developer – Cloud platform V1



    Salesforce provides a number of certification tracks. A few of them includes developers, architects, and the administrators. The certifications validate the real-world knowledge and book learning. The credentials acknowledge the designing solutions, specialization, Development lifecycle, and deployment.



    VMware offers specific certifications for Cloud, networking, data center virtualization, desktop, and mobility. VMware cloud management and automation certifications validate the skill levels of the participants regarding installation, configuration, optimization of VMware vRealize on the cloud solution.

    The certifications range from associate to expert level. The certifications track the expertise of cloud technologies that includes cloud automation, management, hybrid cloud, and advanced tracks.

    A few of the VMware certifications pertaining to the cloud are mentioned below.

    Professional Level: Administrators and Engineers

    • VMware Certified Professional 7-Cloud Management and Automation
    • VMware Certified Professional 6-Cloud Management and Automation


    Advanced Professional Level: Architects

    • VMware Certified Advanced Professional 7-Cloud Management and Automation Design
    • VMware Certified Advanced Professional 7-Cloud Management and Automation Design


    Advanced Professional Level: Administrators and Engineers

    • VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6-Cloud Management and Automation Deployment


    Design Expert Level: Architects

    • VMware Certified Design Expert-Cloud Management and Automation
    • VMware Certified Design Expert 7-Cloud Management and Automation
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    The Cisco Cloud Certification validates the skill set on industry-leading cloud solutions and also job role-based curriculum. In brief, the Cisco certifications are relevant and practical and job-ready. The courses closely align with the tasks expected to perform by the cloud professionals on enrollment.

    The programs mainly include two certifications. They are

    • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Cloud
    • Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Cloud

    The certifications help the participants to work for SMEs and large enterprises’ cloud and data center environments, channel partners and the government.

    The job roles include cloud designer, administrator, engineer, architect, network, and systems engineer.


    If you are looking for the competitive edge in today’s IT job market, then upgrading the skills to cloud computing is the way. It is recommended to get acquainted with one or more of these regarded cloud computing certifications.

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