Ultimate Guide to MCSA Windows Server 2016 Certification (Updated)
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    Ultimate Guide to MCSA Windows Server 2016 Certification (Updated)

    Geetika Sehgal | Jul 01, 2017 | 3601 Views | 1 Comments
    Ultimate Guide to MCSA Windows Server 2016 Certification (Updated)

    Earning MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification validate your skills in installation, storage, and features of the computer on the Microsoft’s server operating system, networking and identity features of Windows Server 2016.

    This certification qualifies you as a] Network Systems Administrator b] Computer Systems Administrator or c] Computer Network Specialist.

    The courses in the learning path have three exams to cover namely, 70-740, 70-741, and 70-742.

    Let’s read on for more information on this certification.  

    MCSA: Windows Server 2016, a Windows Server Certification, tests your knowledge and skills in server management. It is the necessary skill to bring business value and reduce the IT costs for your organization.

    The Server 2016 hosts several features and supports the hybrid environment which sustains the traditional and cloud workloads. It bridges the traditional and hybrid environment gap, enhances the on-premise infrastructure, adds security layers to applications, and manages the business efficiently.

    Before understanding how to earn this Windows Server Certification, let’s understand why Windows Server is necessary for a business and what benefits does it bring?

    Business Benefits of Windows Server 2016:

    With Windows Server 2016, the businesses can derive the best of cloud benefits. It has enhancements in three key areas as compared to his previous version 2012. Its adoption addresses the security concerns and reduces the overall IT investment cost.


    It has an integrated protection system and limits the environmental damage if any intrusion occurs, and detects any suspicious activity.

    • The virtual machines’ protection facilitates the BitLocker use that encrypts the virtual machine and works only on hosts declared by Host Guardian Service.
    • It manages the privileges of control administrator, uses credential guard and remote credential guard to protect the account credentials.
    • It prevents memory corruption attacks and Windows defender using the device guard. It also detects malicious programs.
    • It protects the isolated applications’ that does not share kernels with the containers.
    • A distributed Firewall could be used to manage internal and external network traffics.

    Advanced Infrastructure:

    More data could be managed with reduced costs. Further, it addresses the operational challenges. 

    • It facilitates easy transfer of Hyper-V workload from the site to the Windows Server virtual machine in Azure.
    • The applications could be deployed on multiple operating systems with the support of Linux on Hyper-V.
    • The operations carried out on regular basis could be automated with the PowerShell and other configurations.
    • With the help of OS Mix mode cluster upgrades, the infrastructure could be upgraded with zero downtime.
    • This performance is high and affordable as well owing to the Azure-inspired storage, Storage replica for disaster recovery, a critical application using QoS strategies.
    • Azure based networking facilitate the continued use of existing switches, routers, and other devices with virtual controllers.


    Application Innovation:

    Further, it supports application innovation due to the presence of container technology and microservices. 

    • Containers are used to create, test, and deploy the applications on the cloud infrastructure.
    • The new architecture like the microservices to enhance the agility and scalability.
    • The existing applications could run on Windows Server 2016 without any modification yet get facilitated with the advanced, efficient features and security.

    In brief, Windows Server 2016 is the best recommended cloud-based operating system for the businesses in need of innovation, security, and efficiency.  

    With these benefits for a business strategy, one can easily comprehend the implementation of Windows Server 2016 new or upgrade from the previous versions.

    Let’s move forward and get the highlights of the educational journey to Windows Server 2016.

    A] MCSA: Windows Server 2016

    As a prerequisite, it is necessary that the participating professional has a basic knowledge of IT skills or may consider to take up any of the Microsoft Technical Associate [MTA] Certifications. 

    You may earn the MCSA certification once you get through with the official training and pass the following three exams.


    • 20740B: Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016
    • 20741B: Networking with Windows Server 2016
    • 20742B: Identity with Windows Server 2016

    Exam 70-740/Course 20740A: Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016

    The exam will help you to gain knowledge of installation, storage, compute features and functionality available in Windows Server 2016. You will learn to:

    • Install and configure Nano Server
    • Create and manage images for deployment
    • Disk and Volume configuration
    • Local and Server storage solutions
    • Data deduplication
    • High Availability
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Failover Clustering solutions
    • Hyper-V and Containers
    • Maintenance and monitoring


    Exam 70-741/Course 20741A: Networking with Windows Server 2016


    This exam helps you to learn the networking and functionality in Windows Server 2016. You will learn:

    • DNS, DHCP, and IPAM implementations
    • VPN and Direct Access solutions at remote
    • DFS and BranchCache Solutions
    • Software-defined Networking Solutions
      • Hyper-V Network Virtualization
      • Network Controller


    Exam 70-742/Course 20742A: Identity with Windows Server 2016

    This exam helps you to learn the identity functionality in Windows Server 2016. You will learn about:

    • Install and configure the Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)
    • Group Policy implementation for non-Nano Server environments.
    • Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS)
    • Active Directory Federations Services (AD FS)
    • Web Application proxy implementations.


    B] 20743A/Course Code: Upgrading Your Skills To MCSA: Windows Server 2016

    This course will help you learn to configure and implement Windows Server 2016. It is especially meant for (IT) professionals willing to upgrade their technical skills from Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2012 to Windows Server 2016. You will learn about:

    • Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2016
    • Overview of storage in Windows Server 2016
    • Implementing directory services
    • Implementing AD FS
    • Implementing Network services
    • Implementing Hyper-V
    • Configuring advanced networking features
    • Implementing Software Defined Networking
    • Implementing remote access
    • Deploying and Managing Windows and Hyper-V containers
    • Implementing Failover Clustering
    • Implementing Failover Clustering with Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V

    Exam Details:


    • Language: English
    • Audiences: IT Professionals
    • Technology: Windows Server 2016
    • Credit towards certification: MCSA
    • Number of questions: 40-60 questions
    • Passing score: 700

    Once you earn this certification by passing all the three exams, you may land up in varied job positions across the industries as mentioned earlier, i.e.,  

    “Earning an MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification qualifies you to be on the role as a Network Systems Administrator or Computer Systems Administrator or as a Computer Network Specialist”.

    Individual Benefits of Earning MCSA: Windows Server 2016 Certification:

    • It is known that the certified IT professionals earn 16% more as against their uncertified peers.
    • Acquisition of new knowledge and skills helps you to grow within and outside the organization.
    • You get hired faster with fewer interview rounds with the gained Microsoft certification badges.
    • You stay on pace with the evolving technology in the industry and competent to excel in the competition.
    • This certification implies or validates that you are an expert in the related subject matter.
    • You gain networking and professional growth opportunities.
    • Microsoft Certification is an industry standard that is recognized worldwide.

    How to prepare for a Windows Server 2016?

    There are many options to prepare for MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification, few are mentioned below:


    • Take Instructor-led training

    You can enroll yourself in a training program to guide yourself through each aspect of the certification. It is the most convenient and safe way to prepare.

    Through instructor-led training, you will be able to clear your doubts and exam easily as there are a constant involvement and support of an instructor or a trainer.

    • Take practice test

    You can take the practice test present on the web. This is a tricky step as you can never determine which one is an authentic source and which one is not.

    Therefore, an instructor-led training program always proves to be an authentic source of preparation wherein, you get official training from a Microsoft certified trainer along with official courseware.

    • Reference material

    You can look out for study guides and eBooks available online at no cost at all.

    In this case, you need to make a wise choice while selecting a certain study material for reference. Because even if you find one then that isn’t the official courseware to rely on.

    The best way remains Instructor-Led Training, as the official courseware is provided along with the guidelines. Notably, it consists of two modes, one in the classroom and the other is online. You may choose what suits you best.


    The Next Step:

    After earning the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification, most of the professionals prefer to move to the next level by earning an MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert) certification: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure.

    In addition, the professionals may complement their knowledge with additional MCSA certifications. These include:

    • MCSA: Cloud Platform
    • MCSA: Linux on Azure
    • MCSA: Windows 10
    • MCSA: Office 365


    It’s time to take advantage of Virtualization, Storage & Networking Capabilities On Windows Server.

    Earn MCSA: Windows Server 2016 and stay on the race.  

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