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    The CMB300 training helps the students to gain the skills in order to deploy and support Citrix hosted application and virtualization solutions in a Windows Server 2012 R2 environment. The participants will learn to configure the environment which includes Citrix components and receiver.

    Course Objective:

    On successful completion of the course, the candidate will be able to

    • Understand XenDesktop 7.5
    • Setup hypervisor, Netscaler
    • Setup and manage XenDesktop 7.5, Provisioning services
    • Create and manage machine catalogs and Delivery groups
    • Create and manage storefront, policies, and end-user profiles
    • Manage sessions, sites, printing, and end users
    • Validate implementation

    Module 1: Understanding the XenDesktop 7.5 Architecture

    • Understanding the Architecture of a XenDesktop Solution
    • XenDesktop Virtualization Technologies
    • nfrastructure and Citrix Components
    • Designing a Document and XenDesktop Implementation

    Module 2: Hypervisor Considerations

    •  Setup, install and configure the Hypervisor
    •  Installation of the Hypervisor Management Console
    •  Templates Creation
    • Reinforcement Exercise

    Module 3: Infrastructure Considerations

    Setting Up of

    • Infrastructure Components
    • Domain Controller
    • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
    • Certificate Authority
    • File Server
    • SQL Server 2012
    • SQL Server Mirroring
    • Reinforcement Exercise

    Module 4: Setting Up Citrix Components

    Setting Up of

    • Citrix Components
    • Citrix License Server
    • Delivery Controller
    • Second Controller
    • Citrix Universal Print Server
    • StoreFront
    • Second StoreFront Server
    • Receiver
    • Reinforcement Exercise

    Module 5: Setting Up XenDesktop Resources

    Setting Up of

    • XenDesktop Resources
    • Master Virtual Machine
    • Server OS Master Image
    • Desktop OS Master Image
    • Create a Machine Catalog and Delivery Group
    • Reinforcement Exercise

    Module 6: Managing Policies and Profiles

    • Setting Up of Policies
    • Policy Precedence
    • Creating Policies Using Studio and Group Policy
    • Obtaining the Resultant Set of Policy Using Group Policy Objects
    • Managing End-User Profiles
    • Reinforcement Exercises

    Module 7: Managing Printing

    • Managing Printing and Printer devices
    • Default Printing Behavior
    • Configuring Client Printing
    • Optimizing Performance
    • Setting Up and Managing the Universal Print Server
    • Reinforcement Exercise

    Module 8: Setting Up Provisioning Services

    • Provisioning Services
    • Architecture
    • Provisioning Services Server
    • Installation of the Provisioning Services Console
    • Configuring Boot from Network
    • Second Provisioning Services Server
    • Configuring the BootStrap File for High Availability
    • Configuring the Master Target Device
    • Creating the vDisk and assigning to a target device
    • Creating the Machine Catalog and delivery group
    • Reinforcement Exercise

    Module 9: Managing and Monitoring Sessions, Sites, and End Users with Director

    • Director Overview
    • Director Dashboard
    • End-User Sessions
    • Reinforcement Exercise

    Module 10: Setting Up NetScaler

    • Set Up NetScaler
    • Initial NetScaler Configuration
    • Configuring NTP, NetScaler High Availability
    • Setting Up DNS
    • Create Certificates for NetScaler
    • Load Balancing StoreFront Servers
    • Configuring NetScaler for Remote Access
    • Redirect HTTP Requests for StoreFront
    • Modify StoreFront to Integrate with NetScaler
    • Configuring ICA Proxy and Authentication policies
    • Configuring NetScaler for Email-Based Account Discovery
    • Reinforcement Exercise

    • Architects
    • Consultants
    • Engineers
    • Administrators

    • Knowledge of server, desktop and application virtualization concepts
    • Experience with Windows Server 2012 R2
    • Experience with Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 user interfaces
    • Basic storage knowledge
    • Basics of Citrix licensing
    • Familiarity with hypervisor (XenServer, Hyper-V, or vSphere)
    • Basic understanding of profiles (local, roaming, mandatory)

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