CNS-320: Citrix NetScaler Advanced Topics - Security, Management and Optimization




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    The CNS-320 course enables the attendees to get acquainted with the essential skills to deploy and utilize the NetScaler Management and Analytics System. After course completion, the learners are able to configure NetScaler environment, manage the multiple NetScaler platforms from a centralized location, address the application services security requirements with the App Firewall, safeguard website and web applications against attacks, and more. 

    Course Objective:

    The certified professionals are able to

    • Write PERL compatible expressions
    • Utilize the adaptive learning engine
    • Configure AppFirewall
    • Protect websites and web application
    • Manage multiple NetScaler platforms
    • Orchestrate Configuration changes
    • Troubleshoot AppFirewall

    1. Introduction

    • Introduction and Configuration to NetScaler MAS
    • Manage and Monitor NetScalers
    • Manage NetScaler configurations

    2. Application Firewall Overview

    • AppFirewall solution Security Model
    • Overview of types of attacks
    • Adaptive Learning Engine
    • Packet Processing and Inspection
    • Log Files - view violations
    • Troubleshooting Resources
    •  Advanced Troubleshooting

    3. Profiles and Policies

    • Profiles
    • Policies
    • Engine Settings

    4. Regular Expressions

    • Forms of Regular Expressions
    • Using Regular Expressions
    • Metacharacters and Literal Characters
    • Escapes & Quantifiers
    • Back Referencing
    • Regular Expression Scope
    • Lookaheads

    5. Attacks and Protections

    • Data Flow with AppFirewall
    • Security Checks and Signatures
    • AppFirewall Actions and Adaptive Learning
    • Code Quality (HTML Comment Striping)
    • Buffer Overflow
    • SQL injection, Cross-Site Scripting
    • Cookie Tampering and Protection
    • Parameter Tampering
    • Server Misconfiguration
    • Identity Theft - CC - Safe Object and Form Protections
    • URL Protections - Start URL and Deny URL
    • CSRF

    6. Application Firewall Troubleshooting

    • Security Insight
    • HTTP Callout
    • Rate-Limit
    • AppQOE
    • IP Reputation

    7. MAS analytics

    8. Optimization

    9. Caching

    10. Frontend and TCP/HTTP Optimization

    11. NetScaler Web Logging

    • Implementers
    • System Administrators
    • System Engineers
    • System Architects

    • Previous Experience on NetScaler
    • Recommended Knowledge/Certifications
      • CNS-102: NetScaler Overview ‘AND’ CNS-220: NetScaler Essentials and Traffic Management  ‘OR’
      • CNS-222: Citrix NetScaler Essentials and Unified Gateway

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