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    Course Information

    Citrix CXA-206 course provides the necessary foundation for the administrators. The course enables them to centralize and manage the application in the datacenter, spontaneously deliver the service to the end users.

    The participants will receive training pertaining to Citrix XenApp 6.5 on installation, configuration, use administrative consoles and tools, server and farm settings, printers, virtualization applications, and, etc.

    Course Objective:

    On completion of the course, the trainee would be able to

    • Install, License, and Monitor XenApp
    • Install and configure Web Interface
    • Deliver Content and Applications
    • Configure Load Management and policies
    • Configure self-service applications and printing
    • Security and optimization of User experience


    1. Basic Administration for Citrix XenApp 6

    • XenApp Architecture, Features, Components and Editions
    • Single and Multiple Farm environments 
    • XenApp Servers
    • Data Store, Updates, Local Host Cache, collectors
    • Independent Management

    2. Licensing XenApp

    • XenApp Licensing, Installation and configuration
    • License Administration Console
    • High Availability Considerations
    • Additional Server processes and clustering 

    3. Installation of XenApp

    • Software and Hardware requirements
    • Installation and configuration
    • Dynamic Data Center Provisioning
    • Web Interface Installation Decisions and Role-based uninstall

    3. Configuring XenApp Administration

    • Worker Groups and Management
    • Administrator Privilege levels
    • Configuration Logging

    4. Web Interface Site

    • Installation, Communication, and ports
    • Creation, Appearance, configuration, and Modification
    • Specification of Citrix plug-in Backup URLs
    • Plug-ins Deployment and Workspace Control
    • Authentication, Security, and Troubleshooting

    5. Delivering Applications and Content

    • Published Resources, organization, and Advancement
    • VM hosted Apps, Managing, Disabling or Hiding Published Resource

    6. Streaming Applications

    • Application Streaming, offline plug-in, and Limitations
    • Application Delivery Methods and Uses
    • Publishing and Configuring Streaming Applications
    • Offline Access Management and Troubleshooting

    7. Configuring Policies

    • Group Policy Integration, Architecture, and Changes
    • Policy rules, filtering, modeling, and Support

    8. Configuring Load Management

    • Load Management, Balance, calculation, and evaluation
    • Load balance policies, and Troubleshooting

    9. Optimization of User Experience

    • Optimization of session performance
    • HDX, User Profiles, and troubleshooting

    10. Configuration of Self-service Applications

    • Technologies, Merchandizing, and Plug-ins
    • Installation and Troubleshooting 

    11. Printing Configurations

    • Definitions, Concepts, Types, Security
    • Default Printing Behavior, Provisioning 
    • Client Printing Pathway, Citrix Printing
    • Troubleshooting

    12. Securing XenApp

    • Security Solutions, ICA, Deployment, Smart Access
    • Web Interface Configuration
    • Best Practices and Troubleshooting

    13. Monitoring XenApp

    • Health, Service, and Recovery
    • License Usage Monitoring
    • Workflow Studio, Access, and Administration

    14. Additional Component


    • Network Administrator
    • System Administrators
    • System Engineers
    • Sales Engineers
    • Architects
    • Analysts
    • Consultants


    Experience on Citrix XenDesktop 7


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