CXD-203: Managing App and Desktop Solutions with Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6




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    Course Information

    Citrix CXD-203 course enables the professionals to get acquainted with the essential skills to support a Citrix application and desktop virtualization solutions in a Windows Server 2012 R2 environment effectively. The course enables the candidate to monitor, manage, support, and troubleshoot the XenDesktop 7.6 solution.


    The candidate earns the Citrix Certified Associate-Apps and Desktops Certification after passing the exam.


    Course Objective:


    The course will enable the professional to


    • Understand the architecture of XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6
    • Manage the infrastructure of XenApp and XenDesktop
    • Create and Manage catalogs and Delivery Groups
    • Manage Storefront
    • Manage sessions, sites, and the end users as well
    • Deal with printing
    • Create and Manage policies and end-user profiles
    • Manage Provisioning Services
    • Manage Licenses and delegate Administration


    1. Understanding the Architecture of a XenDesktop Solution

    • Architecture overview of XenDesktop Solution
    • Understanding of layers like the User, Access Control, Resource, Management
    • XenDesktop Site
    • Ports
    • New Features
    • Reinforcement Exercise

    2. Manage Licenses and delegate Administration

    • Understanding the types of licenses
    • Managing the licenses in Studio and delegated administration
    • Monitoring of the configuration logs
    • Troubleshooting and Reinforcement exercises

    3. Managing and Monitoring the Hypervisor

    • Understanding the architectural overview
    • Create and manage virtual machines
    • Template resources
    • Configure and customize alerts
    • Troubleshooting and Reinforcement exercises

    4. Managing Applications and Desktops

    • Understand the Overview
    • Resource connections
    • Manage the machine catalogs
    • Machine creation services
    • Create a machine catalog
    • Manage delivery groups
    • Troubleshooting and Reinforcement exercises

    5. Managing StoreFront

    • Architectural Overview of the storefront
    • StoreFront Management Console
    • Creating, Adding, and hiding a New Store
    • Managing Authentication
    • Enabling Remote Access
    • Configuring the NetScaler Secure Ticket Authority (STA)
    • Creating Endpoint Analysis Policies
    • Managing Delivery Controllers and receiver updates
    • Troubleshooting and Reinforcement Exercise

    6. Managing Policies and Profiles

    • Creating Policies in Studio and Group Policy;
    • Policy Precedence (Studio vs. Group Policy Objects)
    • Managing User Profiles
    • Troubleshooting and Reinforcement exercise

    7. Managing Sessions, Sites, and Users with Director

    • Director Overview
    • Director Dashboard Monitoring
    • User Sessions: Monitor and Manage
    • Troubleshooting and Reinforcement Exercise

    8. Managing Printing

    • Printing in a XenDesktop 7 Solution
    • Default Printing Behavior
    • Managing Printing
    • Managing Printer Drivers
    • Configuring Client Printing
    • Optimizing Printing Performance
    • Troubleshooting and Reinforcement Exercise

    9. Managing Provisioning Services

    • Overview and Architecture
    • Citrix Provisioning Services
    • Navigating the Provisioning Services Console
    • Migrating from Machine Creation Services to Provisioning Services
    • Creating a New Machine Catalog
    • Assigning vDisks to Target Devices;
    • Updating vDisks and Managing Personal vDisks
    • Troubleshooting and Reinforcement Exercise


    This course is recommended for Operators and Administrators who have to manage the existing XenApp or XenDesktop 7.6 solution.


    It is recommended that the candidates possess the knowledge in the specified areas as a prerequisite

    • A broad understanding of the Server, desktop, and the Application virtualization concepts
    • Working experience with Windows Server 2012 R2
    • Experience with Windows 7 and 8.1 User interfaces
    • Basic knowledge of storage [ Add new and manage the existing storage types]
    • Basic Understanding of Citrix licensing
    • Exposure to hypervisor [at least anyone]
    • Preliminary knowledge of different profiles
    • Completed the following course:
      • CXD-102 Introduction to XenDesktop 7
      • CXA-104 Citrix XenApp 7.6: Overview


    Name Code Fee
    Managing App and Desktop Solutions for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 1Y0-201 -



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