CXD-210: XenApp and XenDesktop 7.1x Administration




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    Course Information

    Citrix CXD-210 training helps you to enhance the knowledge and acquaints you with the basics of XenApp and XenDesktop Services. The exam is designed in a way that it emphasizes the learner to have a firm grasp on the controllers, Citrix receiver, and storefront along with other things. An aspiring individual can opt for CXD-210 certification even though he may not have some previous knowledge of the subject.

    Course Objective:

    Gaining of the certification enables the professional to

    • Understand the architecture, communications, and prerequisites of XenApp and XenDesktop components for successful deployment.
    • Install and configure XenApp and XenDesktop site, Citrix StoreFront, Citrix Receiver for end-user access.
    • Comprehend and configure Citrix policies for end-user session management and basic security features.
    • Use of Citrix Director to monitor and troubleshoot the end user sessions and view environment trends.


    Module 1: Architectural Overview

    • Overview and Use cases
    • Hosting platform & Layered approach methodology

    Module 2: Initial Requirements and Lab

    • Consulting Methodology
    • Support infrastructure prerequisites and licensing
    • Lab environment

    Module 3: Installation and configuration of XenApp and XenDesktop Site

    • Licensing considerations
    • Installation and management
    • Databases and delivery controller role
    • Basic license server troubleshooting

    Module 4: Provision and Deliver Application and Desktop Resources

    • Virtual Delivery Agent, Machine catalogs, and delivery groups
    • Provisioning methods and considerations
    • Creating resources and MCS environment considerations

    Module 5: Providing Access with Citrix StoreFront and Receiver

    • Installation, Architecture, and Authentication services
    • Receiver configurations
    • Policies for session management

    Module 6: Applications Presentation and Management

    • Application properties and File-type association
    • Session pre-launch, lingering and workspace control

    Module 7: Printing and XenApp and XenDesktop

    • Introduction and Job routing
    • Printer Driver Management

    Module 8: Citrix Profile Management

    • User profile and Configuring Citrix profile management

    Module 9: Managing the XenApp and XenDesktop Site

    • Delegated administration, logging, and reporting
    • Introduction to PowerShell

    Module 10: XenApp and XenDesktop Redundancy

    • Methods of redundancy
    • Component failure review

    Module 11: Network Security

    • Introduction to security considerations
    • Certificate authority
    • StoreFront and XML service security considerations
    • External HDX connection security with NetScaler Gateway

    Module 12: Monitoring of XenApp and XenDesktop Site

    • Introduction to Citrix Director
    • Monitoring and Interaction with Sessions
    • Network Monitoring with HDX Insight

    Module 13: Troubleshooting and Support

    • Introduction and Awareness of known issues
    • Common tools, Hotfixes, and Long-term Service Releases


    • Administrators
    • Implementers
    • Engineers
    • Architects


    • Recommended to have some basic knowledge of Citrix and Desktop technology.
    • Recommended course:
      • CXA-105 XenApp and XenDesktop Foundations 


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