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    CompTIA Network+ is a vendor-neutral, globally recognized networking certification that demonstrates proven the ability of an individual to design, configure, manage and troubleshoot hardware and software networks. With increasing demand of sustaining security in various domains, be it finance, healthcare or information services or even considering the government and military agencies, organizations want vendor-neutral certifications that can help train their workforce to secure networks.

    CompTIA Network+ provides the right platform for training and certification in increasing the company’s productivity by equipping professionals with the ability to configure, manage and troubleshoot networking systems in their organizations.

    The new CompTIA Network+ N10-007 exam is available as of March 2018. 


    1.0 Network Architecture

      • Explaining the functions and applications of various network devices
      • Explaining the characteristics and benefits of various WAN technologies.
      • Explaining the basics of routing concepts and protocols.
      • Installing and Configuring the following networking services/applications.
      • Implement and Configuring the appropriate addressing scheme.
      • Comparing and Contrasting technologies that support cloud and virtualization.
      • Differentiating between common network topologies.
      • Differentiating between network infrastructure implementations.
      • Identifying the basics elements of unified communication technologies.

    2.0 Network Operations
      • Using appropriate monitoring tools.
      • Analyze metrics and reports from monitoring and tracking performance tools
      • Using appropriate resources to support configuration management.
      • Explaining the importance of implementing network segmentation
      • Installing and apply patches and updates.
      • Configuring a switch using proper features.
      • Installing and Configuring wireless LAN infrastructure and implement the appropriate technologies in support of wireless capable devices

    3.0 Network Security
      • Comparing and Contrasting risk related concepts
      • Comparing and Contrasting common network vulnerabilities and threats.
      • Implementing network hardening techniques.
      • Comparing and Contrasting physical security controls.
      • Installing and Configuring a basic firewall.
      • Explaining the purpose of various network access control models.
      • Summarize basic forensic concepts

    4.0 Troubleshooting
      • Analyze and interpret the output of troubleshooting tools
      • Implement the network troubleshooting methodology.
      • Troubleshoot and Resolve common wireless issues.
      • Troubleshoot and Resolve common copper cable issues
      • Troubleshoot and Resolve common fiber cable issues
      • Troubleshoot and Resolve common network issues.
      • Troubleshoot and Resolve common security issues.
      • Troubleshoot and Resolve common WAN issues.

    5.0 Industrial Standards, Practices and Network Theory
      • Explaining the basics of network theory and concepts.
      • Deploying the appropriate wireless standard.
      • Deploying the appropriate wired connectivity standard.
      • Implementing the appropriate policies or procedures
      • Summarizing safety practices.
      • Installing and Configuring equipment in the appropriate location using best practices.
      • Explaining the basics of change management procedures.
      • Comparing and Contrasting the following ports and protocols.
      • Configuring and applying the appropriate ports and protocols.


    Comptia Network Plus Training course is ideal for: 

    • Network administrator
    • Network technician
    • IT cable Installer
    • Network installer
    • Help desk technician


      • It is recommended to get a CompTIA A+ certification.
      • Nine Months Network support or administration Experience is required.


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