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    EC-Council sets the standards for cybersecurity again with its new release of CEH V10. This accredited new course provides you the advanced hacking tools and techniques used by the information security professionals.  

    Earning the CEH v10 certification will enable you to have a hacker mindset and makes you defend the future. The course is ANSI 17024 compliant and teaches the five phases of ethical hacking. The five phases include Reconnaissance, Gaining Access, Enumeration, Maintaining Access, and Covering your Tracks.

    Course Objective:

    On completion of CEH v10 Training and clearing the exam, you will be able to:

    • Establish and govern the standards in ethical hacking measures.
    • You meet or exceed the minimum set standards on cybersecurity.
    • Reinforce ethical hacking as the unique and self-regulating profession

    The Next Qualifying Exam is of EC-Council Certified Security Analyst [ECSA v10]

    Apart from existing 18 modules, 2 new modules have been added. They are Vulnerability Analysis and IoT Hacking.


    • Module 01: Introduction to Ethical Hacking
    • Module 02: Footprinting and Reconnaissance
    • Module 03: Scanning Networks
    • Module 04: Enumeration
    • Module 05: Vulnerability Analysis
    • Module 06: System Hacking
    • Module 07: Malware Threats
    • Module 08: Sniffing
    • Module 09: Social Engineering
    • Module 10: Denial-of-Service
    • Module 11: Session Hijacking
    • Module 12: Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots
    • Module 13: Hacking Web Servers
    • Module 14: Hacking Web Applications
    • Module 15: SQL Injection
    • Module 16: Hacking Wireless Networks
    • Module 17: Hacking Mobile Platforms
    • Module 18: IoT Hacking
    • Module 19: Cloud Computing
    • Module 20: Cryptography

    • Ethical Hackers
    • System Administrators
    • Network Administrators
    • Network Engineers
    • Web managers
    • Auditors
    • Security Professionals

    Name Code Fee
    CEH v10: Certified Ethical Hacker 312-50 -



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