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    Internet Marketing is the new age marketing that combines the creative and technical elements of the Internet to widen the scope of marketing activities across a large medium. Unlike the Traditional Media, the Internet Media has a growing prominence because of its pervasive element.

    The internet marketing has become an essential platform to reach out to the market through various tools and technologies such as Search Engine Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Advertising, Email Marketing and Display Advertising. These platforms are vital for any organization to gain competitive advantage.

    Due to the fast moving world of digitization, the need for internet marketers has been proliferating. The EC-Council Certified Internet Marketing Practitioner training equips the sales people and IT professionals to up-scale their internet marketing ability through the hands-on lab experience of the latest tools of Internet Marketing.

    1. Introduction to ECommerce and Internet Marketing Course

    • Understanding E-Business and ECommerce
    • Understanding various types of internet marketing & their uses
    • Stages of Internet Marketing
    • Classification of E-commerce
    • Techniques & Limitation for Internet Marketing
    • Effective Guidelines to learn Internet Marketing
    • Various Policies for E-commerce and Internet Marketing

    2. Building ECommerce Websites

    • Understanding Ecommerce Website
    • Points to be considered before setting ECommerce Website
    • Steps to create E- commerce Website
    • Mistakes to be avoided while building ECommerce Website
    • Concept of Landing Page
    • Content Engineering

    3. SEO & Increasing Website Traffic

    • Discuss objectives and goals
    • Discuss how to research and analyze using various keyword suggestion tools
    • Discuss tuning of web pages - incorporate keywords into relevant content
    • Discuss online reputation management
    • Explaining search engines
    • Explaining SEO
    • Explaining the sample process
    • Explain development of site structure, navigation and site map
    • Explain web content syndication
    • Explain how to analyze website traffic

    4. Advertising on Search Engines

    • Advertising on different SEM Programs
    • Search Engine Advertising classifications
    • Importance & Objectives of Search Engine Advertising
    • Various Ads Format & Pricing strategy
    • Concept & Effectiveness of Landing Page
    • Steps Involved in PPC Advertising Campaigns

    5. Web Analytics

    • Explain introduction to web analytics
    • Discuss importance and limitations of web analytics
    • Discuss the best practices for web analytics
    • Explain various types of web analytics
    • Explain data collection methods
    • Discuss web analytics process and tools
    • Discuss Google analytics, framework, and importance
    • Explain statistical analysis with Google analytics
    • Describe demographic, behavioral, and technological analysis
    • Explain traffic sources overview
    • Explain digital analytics association
    • Explain traffic sources analysis

    6. Advertising Campaigns

    • Define an advertising campaign
    • Discuss online advertising and its types
    • Discuss advertising on websites (affiliate marketing)
    • Discuss advertising on blogs
    • Explain various advertising programs for blogs
    • Explain popular PPC advertising networks
    • Explain advertising on Ezine, social networks & search engines
    • Discuss the things to be considered before opting for advertising campaigns
    • Explain key elements of advertising campaign
    • Discuss common mistakes in ad campaigns
    • Explain steps in planning an ad campaign

    7. Email Marketing

    • Introduction to Email Marketing and Its Types
    • Challenges of Email marketing
    • Email Marketing Management strategic planning
    • Email Campaign Management & Its Steps
    • Tools for Email Marketing
    • CAN–SPAM Act

    8. Mobile Marketing

    • Discuss advantages of mobile advertising
    • Describe mobile advertising campaign approaches & metrics
    • Discuss steps for creating a mobile campaign
    • Discuss Short Message Service (SMS) marketing & Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS)
    • Discuss mobile web advertising
    • Discuss how to develop mobile sites
    • Discuss Google mobile advertising
    • Discuss various mobile applications
    • Discuss mobile search marketing
    • Discuss the factors that determine successful mobile search marketing
    • Discuss mobile app advertising opportunities
    • Discuss mobile social networking
    • Discuss proximity marketing
    • Discuss the code of conduct
    • Discuss the mobile future–4G, smartphones, mobile payment
    • Define mobile TV advertising
    • Define Quick-Response (QR) codes
    • Define location-based marketing
    • Explain mobile advertising ecosystem, buying patterns
    • Explain Real-Time Bidding (RTB)
    • Explain strategies for successful mobile campaign
    • Explain importance of mobile-optimized websites
    • Explain the difference between mobile ads and web ads
    • Explain how mobile web pages are different from regular web pages
    • Explain mobile SEO process
    • Explain mobile application ad considerations
    • Explain emerging trends of mobile marketing

    9. Advertising on Social Networking Sites

    • Discusses twitter concepts of marketing
    • Discusses how to plan for your social media ads
    • Discusses Facebook groups for Facebook marketing
    • Discusses the best practices for effective Facebook marketing
    • Explain types of online marketing
    • Explains Facebook marketing
    • Explains planning & promoting Facebook marketing
    • Explains how to promote your Facebook group
    • Explains potential pitfalls on effective Facebook marketing
    • Explains various steps involved in LinkedIn marketing

    10. Video Marketing

    • Discuss how to track ads
    • Discuss common metrics used in online video advertising
    • Discuss percentage of internet users watching product videos on social networks
    • Discuss steps for creating video ad campaign
    • Define video advertising
    • Define YouTube analytics
    • Explain types of video ads
    • Explain YouTube analytics reports

    11. Affiliate Marketing

    • What is Affiliate Marketing and its Key Planners
    • How to design Affiliate Marketing System
    • Guidelines to raise Affiliate Commissions
    • Methods to Advertise with Affiliate Networks, compensation & Pricing Methods
    • Best Practices for Affiliate Marketing

    12. Blog Advertising & Marketing

    • Discuss common blogging platforms
    • Discuss various types of blogs
    • How to create a WordPress blog?
    • Discuss the best practices for blogging
    • Discuss how to join an affiliate network
    • Discuss publisher pricing
    • Explain blog marketing strategies
    • Explain the key characteristics of a good blog
    • Explain blog advertising
    • Explain blogging for merchants
    • Explain publisher selection
    • Explain different types of pricing models for ads
    • How to post ads in a blog?
    • Explain considerations for outsourcing content
    • Explain content writing and outsourcing for blogs

    13. Podcast Advertising

    • Explain podcasting
    • Discuss the best practices for podcast advertising
    • Discuss the benefits of podcasting
    • Discuss the podcasting process
    • Discuss various tips for promoting your podcast
    • Explain media devices used for podcasting
    • Explain association for downloadable media
    • Discuss various tools required to create, archive and promote your podcasts

    14. Generate Leads & Convert them into Business

    • Discuss generation of leads and converting them to the business
    • Discuss the tactics for converting visitors into customers
    • Discuss adopting correct marketing strategy for lead funnel
    • Discuss how to convert leads into sales
    • Discuss Supply Chain Management (SCM)
    • Discuss A/B testing & why is it important
    • Discuss CRM for ECommerce
    • Discuss importance of maintaining customers
    • Define conversion rate & factors affecting it
    • Explain the strategies for converting visitors into customers
    • Explain tips to optimize website and convert visitors into customers
    • Explain what is lead generation & ways to generate leads
    • Explain lead funnel
    • Explain the lead nurturing strategies to convert leads into sales
    • Explain how to convert dead leads
    • Explain impact of e-commerce on SCM
    • Explain usefulness of CRM for online business
    • Describe the benefits of CRM to business
    • Explain how to maintain customer relationships
    • Describe various customer types
    • Describe the challenges in maintaining customers
    • Explains the steps to improve CRM

    The Internet Marketing Practitioner (CIMP) training course is ideal for those working with the profiles of:

    • IT managers who support marketing, E-Business programs, Product, brand, E-Marketing, and advertising managers
    • Managers from marketing, ECommerce, sales and operations, strategic planning, and general management
    • Finance managers responsible for customer profitability measurements and analysis Sales and service managers

    The following candidates are ideal to opt for the CIMP course:

    • Anyone who has related experience of digital marketing or educational background that reflects specialization in digital marketing (bachelor degree or above).

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