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    Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator certification course is designed to prepare security professionals to protect the organizations from the potential cyber security hazards. The program offers a storehouse of essential cyber security modules that include knowledge of computer forensics, investigation of cyber crimes, and digital evidence that provide the right aid in the prosecution of cyber criminals.

    The increasing urge to attain market leadership has brought the battle on the technical realms that demands the integration of cyber security tools to secure oneself in a digitally connected world. The CHFi v8 training program will prepare the professionals to track, investigate and apprehend the prosecutors through computer investigations using groundbreaking digital forensics technologies.

    • Computer Forensics Investigation Process
    • Computer Forensics in Today’s World!
    • Searching & Seizing Computers
    • Digital Evidence
    • First Responder Procedures
    • Computer Forensic Lab
    • Understanding Hard Disks and Lab Systems
    • Windows Forensics
    • Data Acquisition & Duplication
    • Recovering Deleted Files & Partitions
    • Forensic Investigation using EnCase
    • Forensic Investigation using Accessdata FTK
    • Steganography & Image File Forensics
    • Log Capturing & Event Correlation
    • Application Password Crackers
    • Network Forensics, Investigating Logs and Investigating Network Traffic
    • Investigating Web Attacks
    • Investigating Wireless Attacks
    • Mobile Forensics
    • Tracking Emails and Investigating Email Crimes
    • Investigative Reports
    • Become an Expert Witness

    CHFi v8 Training course is intended for:

    • E-Business Security professionals
    • Defense and Military personnel
    • Systems administrators
    • T managers
    • Government agencies
    • Police & law enforcement personnel
    • Legal professionals
    • Banking, Insurance and other professionals

    The eligibility for EC Council-Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator certification exam is:

    • CEH certification
    • Knowledge of TCP/IP

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