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    Information security plays a pivotal role in many organizations where it has become necessary to process information and communications, that are threatened to cyber crimes by the competitive rivals. Protection of communications imply the authentication of messages to verify and authorize information across all channels of communication.
    The EC-Council Certified Security Specialist (ECSS) Training is a step ahead of ECSA where one acquire core knowledge and skills in majorly 3 areas of networking:

    • Information Security
    • Network Security
    • Computer Forensics

    The course provides a holistic view of the essential tools of information security that help in detecting and preventing unauthorized modification, destruction or disclosure of your information systems.

    Mercury Solutions provides the essential training through Certified Instructors and exhaustive teaching methods that build your foundations to clear the ECSS Certification.

    • Information Security Fundamentals
    • Introduction to the Linux Operating System
    • Introduction to Wireless Network Security
    • Introduction to Ethical Hacking
    • Network and Router Forensics Fundamentals
    • Addressing Threats
    • Cryptography
    • Backdoors, Virus, and Worms
    • Password Cracking
    • Web Servers and Web Applications
    • Wireless Networks
    • Intrusion Detection System
    • Firewalls and Honeypots
    • Hacking Cycle
    • Networking Revisited
    • Secure Network Protocols
    • Authentication
    • Proxy Servers
    • Network Attacks
    • Bastion Hosts and DMZ
    • Virtual Private Network
    • Voice over Internet Protocol
    • Computer Forensics Fundamentals
    • Trademark, Copyright, and Patents
    • Incident Response and Forensics
    • Understanding Windows, DOS, Linux, and Macintosh
    • Digital Evidence
    • Steganography
    • Analyzing Logs
    • E-mail Crime and Computer Forensics
    • Introduction to Writing Investigative Report
    • Computer Forensics as a Profession

                                                        The EC-Council Certified Security Specialist training course is intended for:

                                                        • Anyone who wants to enter the domain of information security, this is an entry level security program
                                                        • Network Administrators
                                                        • Security Administrators

                                                        The eligibility for ECSS certification exam is:

                                                        • Basic know-how of information securities
                                                        • Affinity to terminologies of network security

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