10265: Developing Data Access Solutions with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010




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    This course will enable the developers having knowledge in Windows client and web application environments to optimize the designs and develop to ensure better performance by using the ADO.NET entity framework, WCF data services, ADO.NET, Sync Framework, and, etc.

    Course Objective:

    On completion of the course, you will be able to

    • Use LINQ to enhance productivity and quality of applications
    • Evaluate business cases and access appropriate tools and technologies
    • Perform tasks like data modification, map conceptual model for business logic, and, etc.
    • Comprehend the function of the object services model
    • Deploy best practices to design and build with object services
    • Use advanced mappings to shape business data model
    • Address architectural issues and reuse existing business classes with Entity Framework
    • Design, develop, and consume WCF data service
    • Develop high performance and scalable ADO.NET applications

    • Module 1: Architecture and Data Access Technologies
    • Module 2: Building Entity Data Models
    • Module 3: Querying Entity Data
    • Module 4: Creating, Updating, and Deleting Entity Data
    • Module 5: Handling Multi-User Scenarios by Using Object Services
    • Module 6: Building Optimized Solutions by Using Object Services
    • Module 7: Customizing Entities and Building Custom Entity Classes
    • Module 8: Using POCO Classes with the Entity Framework
    • Module 9: Building an N-Tier Solution by Using the Entity Framework
    • Module 10: Handling Updates in an N-Tier Solution by Using the Entity Framework
    • Module 11: Building Occasionally Connected Solutions
    • Module 12: Querying Data by Using WCF Data Services
    • Module 13: Updating Data by Using WCF Data Services
    • Module 14: Using ADO.NET
    • Module 15: Using LINQ to SQL

    Professional .NET software developers using Microsoft Visual Studio

    The participants must possess:

    • Comprehensive understanding of problem-solving techniques which apply to software development
    • Knowledge of principles in software development
    • Experience in developing n-tier applications
    • Experience in implementing data binding within applications
    • Using LINQ and ADO.NET
    • Basic knowledge of the Entity Framework

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