10266 : Programming in C# with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010




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    The course mainly focuses on the C# program structure, language syntax, and the implementation details of .NET Framework 4.0. It helps you to gain the knowledge regarding enhancements in C# by using Visual Studio 2010.  

    Course Objective:

    On completion of course, you will be able to

    • Use C# and Visual Studio 2010 for building .NET Framework applications
    • Obtain comprehensive knowledge in syntax of C# programming constructs
    • Perform file 10 operations, define properties and indexers
    • Aggregate data and implement type0safe collection classes, methods, and, etc.
    • Implement custom collection classes
    • Query in-memory data with LINQ
    • Use dynamic languages for code integration

    • Module 1: Introducing C# and the .NET Framework
    • Module 2: Using C# Programming Constructs
    • Module 3: Declaring and Calling Methods
    • Module 4: Handling Exceptions
    • Module 5: Reading and Writing Files
    • Module 6: Creating New Types
    • Module 7: Encapsulating Data and Methods
    • Module 8: Inheriting from Classes and Implementing Interfaces
    • Module 9: Managing the Lifetime of Objects and Controlling Resources
    • Module 10: Encapsulating Data and Defining Overloaded Operators
    • Module 11: Decoupling Methods and Handling Events
    • Module 12: Using Collections and Building Generic Types
    • Module 13: Building and Enumerating Custom Collection Classes
    • Module 14: Using LINQ to Query Data
    • Module 15: Integrating Visual C# Code with Dynamic Languages and COM Components

    Developers having programming experience in Java, C, C++, and Visual Basic.

    The participating individual must have the following knowledge

    • One Year experience in object-oriented language
    • Possess C++ or Java knowledge
    • Knowledge of Visual Studio IDE

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