20774: Perform Cloud Data Science with Azure Machine Learning




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    This course provides you the ability to use Azure Machine Learning, present and analyze data, use big data tools namely, HDInsight, and R Services.

    Course Objective:

    On completion of this course, you will be able to

    • Use algorithms and languages
    • Explain Azure Machine Learning
    • Learn Data types, techniques, and engineering methods
    • Use neural networks, regression algorithms, classification and clustering
    • Use R, Python, Hyperparameters, Multiple algorithms, and models
    • Azure Machine learning services for end-users
    • Score and evaluate the models
    • Use of Cognitive Services APIs to text and process image
    • Use HDInsight, R and R Server with Azure machine learning

    • Module 1: Introduction to Machine Learning
    • Module 2: Introduction to Azure Machine Learning
    • Module 3: Managing Datasets
    • Module 4: Preparing Data for use with Azure Machine Learning
    • Module 5: Using Feature Engineering and Selection
    • Module 6: Building Azure Machine Learning Models
    • Module 7: Using Classification and Clustering with Azure machine learning models
    • Module 8: Using R and Python with Azure Machine Learning
    • Module 9: Initializing and Optimizing Machine Learning Models
    • Module 10: Using Azure Machine Learning Models
    • Module 11: Using Cognitive Services
    • Module 12: Using Machine Learning with HDInsight
    • Module 13: Using R Services with Machine Learning

    • Primary Audience:

    Aspirants who want to use Azure Machine Learning

    • Secondary Audience:

    IT Professionals, Information workers, and Developers who support solutions on Azure Machine learning


    The participating individual must have experience in

    • Using R and common R packages
    • Data analysis and statistical methods
    • MS Windows operating system and core functionality
    • Relational database knowledge

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