50532A: Learn Microsoft Access 2010 Step by Step, Level 1




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    The Microsoft Access 2010 training Level 1 is a one-day class that introduces students to the various features and functions of Microsoft Access 2010.

    Completion of the course equips the participants with the following skill set:

    • Working in Access 2010.
    • Understanding database concepts.
    • Exploring tables, forms, queries & reports.
    • Creating databases and tables manually.
    • Previewing and printing Access objects.
    • Creating databases from templates.
    • Manipulating table columns and rows.
    • Refining table structure.
    • Creating relationships between tables.
    • Creating forms by using the Form tool.
    • Changing the look of forms.
    • Changing the arrangement of forms.
    • Modifying report design.
    • Sorting & Filtering information in tables.
    • Locating information that matches multiple criteria.
    • Creating reports by using a wizard.
    • Previewing and printing reports.


    Module 1: Explore an Access 2010 Database

    • Work in Access 2010
    • Understand Database Concepts
    • Explore Tables
    • Explore Forms
    • Explore Queries
    • Explore Reports
    • Preview and Print Access Objects

    Lab:  Working in Access 2010
    Lab:  Exploring Tables
    Lab:  Exploring Forms
    Lab:  Exploring Queries
    Lab:  Exploring Reports
    Lab:  Previewing and Printing Access Objects

    Module 2: Create Databases and Simple Tables

    • Create Databases from Templates
    • Create Databases and Tables Manually
    • Manipulate Table Columns and Rows
    • Refine Table Structure
    • Create Relationships Between Tables

    Lab:  Creating Databases from Templates
    Lab:  Creating Databases and Tables Manually
    Lab:  Manipulating Table Columns and Rows
    Lab:  Refining Table Structure
    Lab:  Creating Relationships Between Tables

    Module 3: Create Simple Forms

    • Create Forms by Using the Form Tool
    • Change the Look of Forms
    • Change the Arrangement of Forms

    Lab:  Creating Forms by Using the Form Tool
    Lab:  Changing the Look of Forms
    Lab:  Changing the Arrangement of Forms

    Module 4: Display Data

    • Sort Information in Tables
    • Filter Information in Tables
    • Filter Information by Using Forms
    • Locate Information That Matches Multiple Criteria

    Lab:  Sorting Information in Tables
    Lab:  Filtering Information in Tables
    Lab:  Filtering Information by Using Forms
    Lab:  Locating Information That Matches Multiple Criteria

    Module 5: Create Simple Reports

    • Create Reports by Using a Wizard
    • Modify Report Design
    • Preview and Print Reports

    Lab:  Creating Reports by Using a Wizard
    Lab:  Modifying Report Design
    Lab:  Previewing and Printing Reports


    This course is beneficial for information workers who want to learn beginner level Access 2010 skills.


    Before attending this course, candidates must have:

    • Basic computer knowledge.
    • Basic file-management skills.


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