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    The Microsoft Outlook 2010 Level 1 training is a one-day course that introduces students to the various features and functions of Microsoft Outlook 2010.

    Completion of the course equips the participants with the following skill set:

    • Connecting to e-mail accounts.
    • Troubleshooting connection problems.
    • Working in the Outlook program window.
    • Working with the ribbon and the Backstage view.
    • Working in the Mail module, Calendar module, Contacts module & Tasks module.
    • Creating and sending messages.
    • Attaching files to messages.
    • Viewing messages and message attachments.
    • Responding to messages.
    • Saving and updating contact information.
    • Viewing message participant information.
    • Configuring Reading Pane behavior.
    • Communicating with contacts.
    • Displaying different views of contact records.
    • Printing contact records.
    • Creating & Updating tasks.
    • Displaying different views of tasks.
    • Scheduling and changing appointments, events & meetings.
    • Responding to meeting requests.
    • Displaying different views of a calendar.
    • Removing tasks and items from task lists.
    • Managing task assignments.

    Module 1: Get Started with Outlook 2010

    • Connect to E-Mail Accounts
    • Troubleshoot Connection Problems

    Lab:  Connecting to E-Mail Accounts

    Module 2: Explore the Outlook Windows

    • Work in the Outlook Program Window
    • Work with the Ribbon and the Backstage View
    • Work in the Mail Module
    • Work in the Calendar Module
    • Work in the Contacts Module
    • Work in the Tasks Module

    Lab:  Working in the Mail Module
    Lab:  Working in the Calendar Module
    Lab:  Working in the Contacts Module
    Lab:  Working in the Tasks Module

    Module 3: Send and Receive E-Mail Messages

    • Create and Send Messages
    • Attach Files to Messages
    • View Messages and Message Attachments
    • Configure Reading Pane Behaviour
    • View Message Participant Information
    • Respond to Messages

    Lab:  Creating and Sending Messages
    Lab:  Attaching Files to Messages
    Lab:  Viewing Messages and Message Attachments
    Lab:  Responding to Messages

    Module 4: Store and Access Contact Information

    • Save and Update Contact Information
    • Communicate with Contacts
    • Display Different Views of Contact Records
    • Print Contact Records

    Lab:  Saving and Updating Contact Information
    Lab:  Displaying Different Views of Contact Records
    Lab:  Printing Contact Records

    Module 5: Managing Scheduling

    • Schedule and Change Appointments
    • Schedule and Change Events
    • Schedule Meetings
    • Respond to Meeting Requests
    • Display Different Views of a Calendar

    Lab:  Scheduling and Changing Appointments
    Lab:  Scheduling and Changing Events
    Lab:  Scheduling Meetings
    Lab:  Displaying Different Views of a Calendar

    Module 6: Track Tasks

    • Create Tasks
    • Update Tasks
    • Remove Tasks and Items from Task Lists
    • Manage Task Assignments
    • Display Different Views of Tasks

    Lab:  Creating Tasks
    Lab:  Updating Tasks
    Lab:  Managing Task Assignments
    Lab:  Displaying Different Views of Tasks 

    This course is beneficial for information workers who want to learn beginner level Outlook 2010 skills.

    Before attending this course, candidates must have:

    • Basic Computer knowledge.
    • Basic file-management skills.
    • The candidate should have knowledge to navigate to folders and files on a computer running Windows 7.

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