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    The Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Level 1 training is a one-day course that introduces students to the various features and functions of Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.

    Completion of the course equips the participants with the following skill set:

    • Working in the user interface.
    • Creating and saving presentations.
    • Rearranging slides and sections.
    • Applying themes.
    • Opening, moving around in, and closing presentations.
    • Viewing presentations in different ways.
    • Correcting and sizing text while typing.
    • Adding and deleting slides.
    • Adding slides with ready-made content.
    • Entering text in placeholders.
    • Dividing presentations into sections.
    • Adding text boxes & Edit text.
    • Using different color and font schemes.
    • Checking spelling and choosing the best words.
    • Finding and replacing text and fonts.
    • Changing the slide background.
    • Changing the alignments, spacing, size, and look of text.
    • Inserting pictures and clip art images.
    • Inserting diagrams & charts.
    • Drawing shapes.
    • Previewing and printing presentations.
    • Setting up presentations for delivery.
    • Finalizing & Delivering presentations.
    • Preparing speaker notes and handouts.

    Module 1: Explore PowerPoint 2010

    • Work in the User Interface
    • Create and Save Presentations
    • Open, Move, and Close Presentations
    • View Presentations in Different Ways

    Lab:  Working in the User Interface
    Lab:  Creating and Saving Presentations
    Lab:  Opening, Moving Around In, and Closing Presentations
    Lab:  Viewing Presentations in Different Ways

    Module 2: Work with Slides

    • Add and Delete Slides
    • Add Slides with Ready-Made Content
    • Divide Presentations into Sections
    • Rearrange Slides and Sections

    Lab:  Adding and Deleting Slides
    Lab:  Adding Slides with Ready-Made Content
    Lab:  Dividing Presentations into Sections
    Lab:  Rearranging Slides and Sections

    Module 3: Work with Slide Text

    • Enter Text in Placeholders
    • Add Text Boxes
    • Edit text
    • Correct and Size Text While Typing
    • Check Spelling and Choose the Best Words
    • Find and Replace Text and Fonts

    Lab:  Entering Text in Placeholders
    Lab:  Adding Text Boxes
    Lab:  Editing Text
    Lab:  Correcting and Sizing Text While Typing
    Lab:  Checking Spelling and Choosing the Best Words
    Lab:  Finding and Replacing Text and Fonts

    Module 4: Format Slides

    • Apply Themes
    • Use Different Colour and Font Schemes
    • Change the Slide Background
    • Change the Look of Placeholders
    • Change the Alignment, Spacing, Size, and Look of Text

    Lab:  Applying Themes
    Lab:  Using Different Colour and Font Schemes
    Lab:  Changing the Slide Background
    Lab:  Changing the Look of Placeholders
    Lab:  Changing the Alignment, Spacing, Size, and Look of Text

    Module 5: Add Simple Visual Enhancements

    • Insert Pictures and Clip Art Images
    • Insert Diagrams
    • Insert Charts
    • Draw Shapes
    • Add Transitions

    Lab:  Inserting Pictures and Clip Art Images
    Lab:  Inserting Diagrams
    Lab:  Inserting Charts
    Lab:  Drawing Shapes
    Lab:  Adding Transitions

    Module 6: Review and Deliver Presentations

    • Set Up Presentations for Delivery
    • Preview and Print Presentations
    • Prepare Speaker Notes and Handouts
    • Finalize Presentations
    • Deliver Presentations

    Lab:  Setting Up Presentations for Delivery
    Lab:  Previewing and Printing Presentations
    Lab:  Preparing Speaker Notes and Handouts
    Lab:  Finalizing Presentations
    Lab:  Delivering Presentations

    This course is beneficial for information workers who want to learn beginner level PowerPoint 2010 skills.

    Before attending this course, candidates must have:

    • Basic computer knowledge
    • Basic file management skills.
    • The candidate should have the knowledge to navigate to folders and files on a computer running Windows 7.

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