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    The Microsoft Excel 2010 Level 1 training is a one-day course that provides essential knowledge to students of the various features and functions of Microsoft Excel 2010.

    Completion of the course equips the participants with the following skill set:

    • Creating workbooks.
    • Zooming in on a worksheet.
    • Modifying workbook content.
    • Modifying worksheet content.
    • Arranging multiple workbook windows.
    • Adding buttons to the Quick Access Toolbar.
    • Maximizing usable space in the program window.
    • Correcting and expanding upon worksheet data.
    • Entering and revising data.
    • Customizing the ribbon.
    • Moving data within a workbook.
    • Finding and replacing data.
    • Formatting cells.
    • Adding images to worksheets.
    • Applying workbook themes and Excel table styles.
    • Adding headers and footers to printed pages.
    • Preparing worksheets for printing.
    • Printing worksheets.
    • Printing parts of worksheets.
    • Printing charts.


    Module 1: Set Up a Workbook

    In this module, participants will learn how to create a workbook, modify workbook and worksheet content, and save a modified workbook.


    • Create Workbooks
    • Modify Workbook Content
    • Modify Worksheet Content

    Lab:  Creating Workbooks
    Lab:  Modifying Workbook Content
    Lab:  Modifying Worksheet Content

    Module 2: Customize the Excel 2010 Program Window

    In this module, participants will learn how to change the Excel program window, including the user interface.


    • Zoom in on a Worksheet
    • Arrange Multiple Workbook Windows
    • Add Buttons to the Quick Access Toolbar
    • Customize the Ribbon
    • Maximize Usable Space in the Program Window

    Lab:  Maximizing Usable Space in the Program Window

    Module 3: Work with Data and Excel Tables

    This module explains how to use tools to enter and manage worksheet data effectively.


    • Enter and Revise Data
    • Move Data Within a Workbook
    • Find and Replace Data
    • Correct and Expand Upon Worksheet Data
    • Define Excel Tables

    Lab:  Entering and Revising Data
    Lab:  Moving Data Within a Workbook
    Lab:  Finding and Replacing Data
    Lab:  Correcting and Expanding Upon Worksheet Data
    Lab:  Defining Excel Tables

    Module 4: Apply Visual Effects

    This module explains how to change your data’s appearance.


    • Format Cells
    • Apply Workbook Themes and Excel Table Styles
    • Add Images to a Worksheet

    Lab:  Formatting Cells
    Lab:  Applying Workbook Themes and Excel Table Styles
    Lab:  Add Images to a Worksheets

    Module 5: Print Workbook Content

    This module explains worksheets configuration to convey the greatest possible amount of information.


    • Add Headers and Footers to Printed Pages
    • Prepare Worksheets for Printing
    • Print Worksheets
    • Print Parts of Worksheets
    • Print Charts

    Lab:  Adding Headers and Footers to Printed Pages
    Lab:  Preparing Worksheets for Printing
    Lab:  Printing Worksheets
    Lab:  Printing Parts of Worksheets
    Lab:  Printing Charts


    This course is beneficial for information workers who want to learn beginner level Excel 2010 skills.


    Before attending this course, candidates must have:

    • Basic computer knowledge.
    • Basic file management skills.
    • The candidate should have the knowledge to navigate to folders and files on a computer running Windows 7.


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