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    Introduction to SharePoint 2013 For Collaboration & Document Management is a short training specifically designed for SharePoint Site Users & SharePoint End-Users who want to gain knowledge on how to use the team collaboration, document management and social features of Microsoft SharePoint 2013.

    This class can also be delivered deploying a Site Collection on an in-house server, virtual machines or Office 365.

    Module 1: SharePoint Overview

    This module will explore topics covered in the class, introduction to SharePoint terminology and provide an overview of the available versions of SharePoint 2013 and Office 365.


    • What is SharePoint?
    • Team Collaboration
    • Document Management
    • Web Sites
    • Social Features
    • SharePoint Security

    Module 2: Accessing SharePoint

    This module describes the logging onto SharePoint and SharePoint site navigation.


    • Logging onto SharePoint
    • SharePoint Navigation: The Suite Bar
    • SharePoint Navigation: The SharePoint Screen
    • SharePoint Navigation: The Title area crumb trail
    • SharePoint Navigation: Following and returning to sites
    • SharePoint Navigation: The SharePoint Ribbons
    • SharePoint Navigation: Quick Launch and Web Parts
    • Regional Settings

    Module 3: SharePoint Libraries

    This module describes the use of SharePoint libraries and document management.


    • Document Libraries
    • Ribbon options and the “Open Menu” link (…)
    • Accessing Documents
    • Office Web Apps
    • Checking Out Documents
    • Deleting Documents and the Recycle Bin
    • Creating and Managing Alerts
    • Uploading Documents
    • Blocked File Types
    • Creating Folders
    • Creating New Documents
    • Versioning
    • List and Library Views
    • Asset and Picture Libraries

    Module 4: SharePoint Lists

    This module describes the use of SharePoint 2013 lists.


    • SharePoint Lists
    • Working with Custom Lists
    • Working with Task Lists
    • Using Task Lists to manage team tasks
    • Adding and Updating Tasks
    • Using Task Views
    • Synchronizing Task Lists with Outlook
    • Working with SharePoint Calendars
    • Calendar Navigation and Views
    • Adding Calendar Events
    • Dealing with long lists of events
    • Synchronizing SharePoint Calendars with Outlook
    • External Lists

    Module 5: SharePoint Search

    This module describes the SharePoint 2013 search features.


    • Searching SharePoint
    • What is searchable
    • Search results and refiners
    • Search Tips and Tricks

    Module 6: SharePoint Wikis

    This module describes working with SharePoint 2013 Wikis.


    • Uses of a Wiki
    • Editing Wiki Articles
    • Working with Wiki Version Tracking
    • Wiki Views

    Module 7: SharePoint Social Features

    This module describes the SharePoint 2013 social features.


    • What are “Social Features”?
    • Interacting with People
    • About Me and Updating Your Profile
    • Your Newsfeed
    • Micro-blogging
    • Tagging and Rating Documents
    • Blogs

    Module 8: Discussion Boards

    This module describes working with SharePoint 2013 Discussion Boards.


    • SharePoint Discussion Boards
    • Reading, creating and responding to discussions

    Module 9: Community Sites

    This module describes working with SharePoint 2013 Community Sites.


    • Community Sites
    • Requesting Access
    • Joining the Community
    • Exploring Topics
    • Posting and Replying
    • Best Replies and Alerts

    • SharePoint Site Owners and Power Users who will be attending a SharePoint 2013 Site Owner class
    • SharePoint end users
    • SharePoint administrators and developers

    Before attending this course, candidates must have:

    • Basic Microsoft Office skills.

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