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    Course Information

    Report Builder and PerformancePoint 2013 Combo Pack Training is a five-day course that will help participants to develop reports using Microsoft Report Builder 3.0 wizards and SharePoint PerformancePoint 2013 Service.

    The training environment of this class will include

    • SQL 2008R2,
    • SQL Express 2012 and
    • SQL 2012 Standard and Enterprise

    so that the participants can deploy Report Builder 3.0 to generate reports from multiple sources to investigate the different features of each release.

    This course also focuses on the essentials required to operate on PerformancePoint 2013 Service. Through this course, participants will explore the new and advanced Business Intelligence Center including all the exciting new features within the SharePoint 2013.

    This course concentrates on the SharePoint 2013 business intelligence platform rather than the SQL business intelligence services.


    Module 1: Course Overview

    This module describes the class structure and introduces course materials and additional administrative information.


    • Introduction
    • Course Materials
    • Facilities
    • Prerequisites
    • What We'll Be Discussing

    Module 2: Introduction to Report Builder 3.0

    This module describes the interface of Report Builder 3.0, the different features available, and variances in data sources and sets.


    • Plan Your Reports
    • The Interface
    • Variances Between SQL Versions
    • How to Use Report Builder 3.0 with SQL Express 2012
    • Data Sources
    • Datasets

    Module 3: Report Builder 3.0 Wizards

    This module describes the wizards.


    • Explore the Report Builder 3.0 Wizards
    • Create Reports with the Wizards

    Module 4: Report Builder 3.0 Basic Reports

    This module describes basics with lists, matrix, and tables then go into parameters and the impressionable aspect of reports.


    • Report Lists
    • Report Matrix
    • Report Tables
    • The Data Region
    • Report Expressions
    • Formatting Reports

    Module 5: Report Builder 3.0 Graphics

    This module describes the graphics including embedded and Bing maps.


    • Report Charts
    • Report Images
    • Report Sparklines
    • Report Data Bars
    • Report Gauges
    • Report Maps

    Module 6: Intermediate Reports

    This module describes intermediate reporting with emphasis on actionable reports.


    • Time Intelligence
    • Drill Through
    • Subreports
    • Interacting with Actionable Reports
    • Reuse Report Parts

    Module 7: Report Builder 3.0 Tips and Tricks

    This module is a collection of how-to with examples.


    • Dozens of Step-By-Step Examples for Report Situations

    Module 8: The Business Intelligence Stack

    This module describes the three different ways in which business intelligence can be viewed.


    • Business Intelligence in Three Ways
    • SQL 2012 Business Intelligence
    • New 2013 SharePoint Business Intelligence Features
    • New 2013 PowerPivot in Excel Features

    Module 9: SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence Center

    This module describes the improved 2013 SharePoint Central Administration site.


    • New 2013 SharePoint Central Administration
    • New 2013 Business Intelligence Center
    • Permissions and Roles
    • Included Document Library and List Apps

    Module 10: PerformancePoint 2013

    This module describes in-depth 2013 PerformancePoint Services features. Dashboard Designer is explored along with many of the objects and connections available within.


    • New 2013 Overview of PerformancePoint Services
    • Dashboard Designer
    • Data Sources
    • Indicators
    • KPIs
    • Visual Reports
    • Filters
    • Scorecards
    • Dashboards

    Module 11: PowerPivot

    This module is intended as an overview of the PowerPivot and covers all the new features available in the 2013 release of the add-in.


    • New 2013 PowerPivot Features
    • PowerPivot and Excel
    • PowerPivot and SharePoint
    • Enterprise Business Intelligence and PowerPivot
    • Importing Data
    • Enriching Data
    • SharePoint Sharing

    Module 12: Dashboards

    This module explains the new features within SharePoint 2013 Business Connectivity Services, how to configure the security and clarify the terminology.


    • Dashboard Migration
    • Three Types of Dashboards
    • Successful Dashboards
    • Tables or Graphs
    • Types of Graphs
    • Choosing a Chart Type
    • Key Performance Indicators
    • Microsoft Report Builder 3.0
    • Pitfalls in Dashboard Design
    • New 2013 SharePoint Designer Features
    • Plan Your Reports
    • Datasets
    • SharePoint Web Apps


    This course is intended for:

    • Analysts,
    • Business Intelligence (BI) Developers and
    • IT Professionals

    involved in designing, developing and maintaining of reports created with Report Builder 3.0.

    This course is also intended for:

    • Power Users,
    • Developers, and
    • IT Professionals
    involved in designing, developing and maintaining SharePoint 2013 business intelligence solutions.


    Before attending this course, candidates must have:

    • A basic understanding of relational databases.


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