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    Course Information

    This course enables the participants to learn SQL server architecture, indexing, statistics strategies, optimization of transaction log operations, blocking and locking. In addition, the courses enable you to create baselines and benchmark SQL server performance; workload analysis, and rule out performance issues.

    Course Objective:

    On completion of this course you will be able to understand:

    • Cardinality estimator, memory-optimized tables, performance
    • Startup stored procedures, database structures, instant file initialization
    • SQL stored data and SQL locate data
    • Temporary table internals
    • Isolation levels, concurrency, SQLIO utility
    • Partitioned tables, Indexes, Resource governor
    • Live query statistics, statistics objects, incremental statistics
    • Database tuning advisor and data management object
    • Indexes, best practices, and, storage strategies


    Module 1: Course Overview

    • Introduction, Course materials, facilities, and prerequisites

    Module 2: SQL 2014 Architecture

    • New Cardinality Estimator
    • Explore memory-optimized tables
    • Learn how SQL stores and locates data

    Module 3: The Database Engine

    • Concepts, Temporary tables internals, concurrency, transactions, and isolation levels
    • SQL server locking architecture, SAN, VMs, SQLIO Utility, partitioned tables and indexes

    Module 4: SQL Performance Tools

    • Resource Governor, Activity Monitor
    • Live Query Statistics
    • Monitoring SQL with Transact-SQL
    • Dynamic Management Objects and Performance tuning

    Module 5: Query Optimizing and Operators

    • Process tuning and execution plans
    • Set statistics time and statistics IO
    • Processing steps in SQL query
    • Data access operators & troubleshooting

    Module 6: Understanding Indexes

    • Introduction to Indexes, types, creation, and alteration
    • Data management views and database engine tuning
    • Index storage strategies, views, and monitoring
    • Index Management objects

    Module 7: Understanding Statistics

    • Cardinality estimator
    • Statistics and incremental statistics
    • Computed columns statistics and filtered statistics
    • Maintenance

    Module 8: In-Memory Database

    • Architecture, Tables, and indexes
    • Natively Compiled Stored Procedures
    • In-memory data management views
    • Analyze migrate report tool

    Module 9: SQL Profiler and SQL Trace

    • Architecture
    • SQL Server Profiler

    Module 10: Query Issues and Hints

    • Identify and resolve query issues
    • Query hints, guides, and freezing


    Individuals administering and maintaining SQL Server databases


    • Basic knowledge of MS Windows operating system and its functionality
    • Working knowledge of database administration, maintenance, and Transact-SQL


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    SQL 2014 Performance Tuning 55144 USD 100



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