55164A: Quick Powerful Graphics with Power View, PowerPivot, Power Query, Power Map and Power BI




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    The course is mainly designed to help the professionals to combine the functionality of Power:  View, Pivot, BI, and Query into the charts, KPIs, reports, graphs, and other visualizations for business uses.

    Course Objective:

    On completion of this course, the participant will be able to

    • Navigate the Power View Interface, PowerPivot Interface, Power Query Interface, Power Map Interface, and Power BI Interface.
    • Utilize the Power View reports, matrix, tiles, themes, cards as visualization, DAX, KPIs, Bing Maps, data resources, and, etc.
    • Configure drill through, calculated columns, tours, scenes, relationships, layers, and, etc.    
    • Work with tables, PivotTables, hierarchies, modifications, charts, filters, reports, data loading, merging of datasets, and, more.
    • Manage perspectives, modifications, aggregations, presentation, data mapping, querying with natural language, and, etc

    Module 1: Course overview:

    This module will explain to structure the class:

    Lessons: The lessons include the introduction to course materials, facilities, prerequisites and an overview of the whole course.

    Lab: The lab enables the students to log into the virtual machine and understanding the intention of the course.  


    Module 2: Power View:

    This module explores the capabilities of the Powerview, types of reports and its formatting.

    Lessons: The lessons help to explore the PowerView Interface, visualize the reports, working with Tables, understand the Aggregations, utilization of matrix and cards, application of filters, creating charts, theming reports, and more.

    Lab: The lab includes the application of the theory learned and enables the participant to navigate the Power View Interface, utilize the tables, matrix, cards, and etc., as learnt in the theory.


    Module 3: Power Pivot:

    This module helps to explore the Power Pivot, its capabilities, availability, and configuration.

    Lessons: The lessons enable the participant to explore the PowerPivot Interface, load the data, examine relationships, configure columns, Fields, use KPIs, DAX functions, and more.

    Lab: The lab enables you to import the data, large datasets, data with the query, create relationships and cascading relationships, KPIs, perspectives, and more.  


    Module 4: Power Query

    This module helps to understand the features and benefits provided using Power Query.

    Lessons: The lessons are designed to explore the Power Query Interface, load data, manage modifications, and, examine data cleaning.

    Lab: The practicals helps to avail the external data, filter the data, and merge the datasets.


    Module 5: Power Map

    This module explores the Power Map and its capabilities.

    Lessons: It helps to explore the Power Map Interface, use the bing maps, examine and review the Map Data, types, and presentation.

    Lab: It helps to view the Power Map in action, add time, geocoding, tours, layers, and, etc.


    Module 6: Introduction to Power BI

    This module helps you to explore the Power BI and its options.

    Lessons: The lessons introduce you to the Power BI, examine the data sources and querying the Natural language.

    Lab: It helps you to work on the power BI and the data sources.

    • Business Analysts
    • Business Intelligence Developers
    • Reporting Professionals

    The participants must have the working knowledge of Excel

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