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    The Advanced Microsoft Word 2016 is a one-day training class that is designed for students who have intermediate knowledge of working with Word 2016 and want to learn advanced techniques in Word 2016 such that working with tables of contents, footnotes, and endnotes, tracking changes, comparing and combining documents, using Mail Merge, and protecting documents.

    Completion of the course equips the participants with the following skill set:

    • Working with tables of contents.
    • Working with footnotes and endnotes.
    • Inserting bibliographies and indexes.
    • Comparing and combining documents.
    • Using comments.
    • Using Mail Merge and creating envelopes and labels.
    • Using track changes including accepting and rejecting changes.
    • Using bookmarks, add watermarks, and customize the Ribbon.
    • Protecting documents.


    Module 1: Working with Long Documents

    • Add a Table of Contents
    • Update a Table of Contents
    • Delete the Table of Contents
    • Footnotes and Endnotes
    • Insert Citations and a Bibliography
    • Add an Index
    • Insert a Table of Figures
    • Insert and Update a Table of Authorities
    • Create an Outline

    Exercise: Insert and Update a Table of Contents
    Exercise: Working with Footnotes
    Exercise: Insert Citations and a Bibliography
    Exercise: Inserting an Index

    Module 2: Review and Collaborating on Documents

    • Add Comments
    • Track Changes
    • Viewing Changes, Additions, and Comments
    • Accepting and Rejecting Changes

    Exercise: Adding Comments to a Document
    Exercise: Tracking Changes
    Exercise: Viewing Mark-up
    Exercise: Accepting and Rejecting Changes

    Module 3: Comparing and Combining Documents

    • Compare Documents
    • Combine Documents

    Exercise: Comparing Documents
    Exercise: Combining Documents

    Module 4: Managing Mailings

    • Create Envelopes and Labels
    • Use Mail Merge

    Exercise: Printing an Envelope
    Exercise: Using Mail Merge

    Module 5: Protecting Documents

    • Make Microsoft Word Documents Read Only
    • Password Protect Word Documents
    • Remove Metadata from Files
    • Restrict Formatting and Editing

    Exercise: Protecting a Document

    Module 6: Random Useful Items

    • Add watermarks to a Microsoft Word document.
    • Add bookmarks to a document
    • Insert built-in fields.
    • Add titles to sections.
    • Use the Go To feature.
    • Customize the ribbon.
    • Prepare a document for internationalization and accessibility.

    Module 7: New Features as of 2013

    • Use the Cloud
    • Resume Reading Feature 3

    Exercise: Using the Cloud

    Module 8: New Features in Word 2016

    • Ink Equations
    • Version History
    • Shape Formatting
    • Sharing


    This course is intended for individuals who possess a fundamental understanding and working knowledge of Microsoft Word 2016 and are keen to learn intermediate-level skills covered in this course in the 2016 interface.


    Before attending this course, a candidate must have level of knowledge and skills to work Microsoft Word.intermediateon.


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