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    The Introduction to Microsoft Word 2016 training is a one-day class that is designed for students who are not much familiar with Microsoft Word yet interested in learning the fundamentals needed to create and modify basic presentations using Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2016. During this class, students will explore the PowerPoint environment in creating a presentation.

    Completion of the course equips the participants with the following skill set:

    • Starting and ending a PowerPoint session.
    • Editing a presentation.
    • Creating different types of slides.
    • Applying Tables and Charts to a presentation.
    • Adding Clipart to a slide.
    • Using the Outline tab.
    • Using the Slide Sorter to reorganize a presentation.
    • Formatting slides and using templates.
    • Running a slide show.
    • Printing various components of a presentation.

    Module 1: Creating a PowerPoint Presentation

    In this module, participants will learn how to get started using Microsoft PowerPoint.


    • Start Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Normal View
    • Create a Presentation
    • Save a Document
    • Import a File
    • The Status Bar
    • Close a Presentation

    Exercise: Creating a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

    Module 2: The Ribbon

    In this module, participants will learn how to work with the Ribbon in Microsoft PowerPoint.


    • The Ribbon
    • Tabs
    • Groups
    • Commands

    Exercise: Exploring the Ribbon

    Module 3: The Quick Access Toolbar

    In this module, participants will learn how to work with the Quick Access toolbar in Microsoft PowerPoint.


    • Add Common Commands
    • Add More Commands with the Customize Dialog Box
    • Add Ribbon Commands or Groups
    • Placement

    Exercise: Customize the Quick Access Toolbar

    Module 4: The Backstage View (The File Menu)

    In this module, participants will learn how to work with the Backstage View in Microsoft PowerPoint.


    • Introduction to the Backstage View
    • Open a Presentation
    • New Presentation and Presentation Templates
    • Presentation Properties
    • Add Your Name to a Microsoft PowerPoint

    Exercise: Opening a Presentation
    Exercise: Creating an Agenda Using a Template

    Module 5: Formatting Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations

    In this module, participants will learn how to work with formatting features in Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.


    • Select a Slide Layout
    • Add text
    • Add Text from a Text File or Word Outline
    • Edit Text
    • Format Text
    • Format Text as WordArt
    • Create Bulleted and Numbered Lists
    • Format Text Placeholders
    • Add Slides to a Presentation
    • Arrange Slides

    Exercise: Formatting Text

    Module 6: Working with Images

    In this module, participants will learn how to work with images in Microsoft PowerPoint.


    • Add Images to a Slide
    • Insert a Picture
    • Insert Clip Art
    • Capture and Insert a Snapshot
    • Edit an Image
    • Format Images
    • Apply a Style and Cropping an Image
    • Grouping and Ungrouping Images
    • Arrange Images
    • Add Shapes

    Exercise: Working with Images and Shapes

    Module 7: Working with Tables and Charts

    In this module, participants will learn how to work with tables and charts in Microsoft PowerPoint.


    • Insert a Table
    • Format Tables
    • Import Tables from External Sources
    • Insert a Chart
    • Format a Chart
    • Import Charts from External Sources

    Exercise: Working with a Table
    Exercise: Working with Charts 

    This course is intended for individuals who possess a fundamental understanding and working knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 and are keen to learn the basic skills covered in this course in the 2016 interface.

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