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    The Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 training is a one-day class that is designed for students who have an intermediate level of skills in deploying PowerPoint and wants to learn the advanced skills in creating the most creative presentations in the PowerPoint environment.

    Completion of the course equips the participants with the following skill set:

    • Creating customized presentations with templates.
    • Adding special effects.
    • Creating, editing, and importing charts.
    • Using the slide, notes, and handout masters.
    • Creating custom shows.
    • Managing hyperlinks.
    • Securing and sharing presentations.

    Module 1: Customizing Presentations

    • Apply a Theme
    • Apply a Background Style
    • Add a Footer
    • Arrange and Print Sections

    Exercise: Adding a Background Image
    Exercise: Customizing Your Presentation

    Module 2: Presentation Masters

    • Work with the Slide Master
    • Slide Layouts
    • Format Slide Masters and Layouts
    • Add a Watermark to Your Presentation
    • Add Slide Numbers Using the Slide Master
    • Insert a New Slide Master
    • Preserve a Slide Master
    • Modify the Notes Master
    • Modify the Handout Master
    • Add a Header and Footer to Notes and Handouts

    Exercise: Using the Slide Master

    Module 3: Working with Special Effects

    • Animate Text and Objects
    • Work with the Animation Painter
    • Set Animation Timing
    • Animate a Chart

    Exercise: Applying Special Effects to a Presentation

    Module 4: Using SmartArt

    • Insert SmartArt Graphics
    • Modify Smart Art Graphics
    • Resize/Reposition a SmartArt Object
    • Insert Text into a SmartArt Object
    • Format Text in a SmartArt Object
    • Add Shapes to a SmartArt Object
    • Ungroup SmartArt Objects

    Exercise: Working with SmartArt

    Module 5: Multimedia

    • Create a Photo Album
    • Add Captions
    • Apply a Theme to Your Album
    • Customize an Album
    • Insert Sounds and Video
    • Edit Media Clips

    Exercise: Creating and Modifying a Photo Album
    Exercise: Adding Video to a Presentation

    Module 6: Setting Up the Slide Show

    • Set Up a Custom Show
    • Create a Hyperlink
    • Add an Action Button
    • Jump to Another Presentation
    • Us Rehearse Timings
    • Navigate within a Slide Show
    • Annotate a Presentation
    • Create a Presenter-Independent Slide Show
    • Set Up a Slide Show to Repeat Automatically

    Exercise: Presenting a Custom Show
    Exercise: Preparing the Slide Show

    Module 7: Outlines and Slides

    • Export Notes and Handouts to Word
    • Export an Outline to Word
    • Save a Presentation as an Outline

    Exercise: Exporting an Outline to Word

    Module 8: Managing Multiple Presentations

    • Merge Multiple Presentations
    • Reuse Slides from Other Presentations
    • View Multiple Presentations
    • Track Changes in PowerPoint

    Exercise: Reviewing Changes in PowerPoint

    Module 9: Sharing and Securing a Presentation

    • Share a Presentation with a Remote Audience
    • Embed the Fonts in a Presentation
    • Inspect the Presentation
    • Package a Presentation for CD
    • Use the Power Point Viewer
    • Encrypt a Presentation
    • Add a Digital Signature
    • Mark a Presentation as Final
    • Grant Permissions
    • Compress Pictures
    • Send a Presentation in PDF format

    Exercise: Sharing a Presentation
    Exercise: Securing a Presentation

    Module 10: Features New since PowerPoint 2013

    • Use Comments
    • Motion Path Changes
    • Create Custom Color with the Eyedropper

    Exercise: Using the Comments Feature

    Module 11: New Features in PowerPoint 2016

    • Use Comments
    • Motion Path Changes
    • Create Custom Colour with the Eyedropper

    Exercise: Using the Comments Feature

    Module 12: Cloud

    • Use the Cloud

    Exercise: Using the Cloud

    This course is intended for individuals who possess fundamental understanding and working knowledge on Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 and are keen to learn the basic skills covered in this course in the 2016 interface.

    Before attending this course, a candidate must have an introductory level of knowledge and skills on PowerPoint.

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