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    The Introduction to Microsoft Project 2016 training is a two-day class that will help students in getting comfortable with the Project 2016 user interface, including project views and the ribbon. During this introductory course, participants will learn to enter, organize, and link tasks, work with resources, create basic reports, and create projects independently and effectively.

    Completion of the course equips the participants with the following skill set:

    • Creating and managing simple projects.
    • Entering and managing tasks.
    • Working with a project calendar.
    • Adding and managing project resources and work with the resource sheet.
    • Creating basic reports for your project.

    Module 1: Components of a Project

    In this module, participants will learn how to identify the components of a project and map a project. Lessons

    • Project Components
    • Map a Project
    • Sample Projects Used in This Course

    Exercise: Mapping a Project

    Module 2: Getting Around Microsoft Project 2016

    In this module, participants will learn how to get around in Microsoft Project 2016.


    • Starting Project
    • The Ribbon
    • The Backstage View
    • Tour of the Quick Access Toolbar
    • Basic Formatting

    Exercise: Understanding the Ribbon
    Exercise: Open and Save a Project
    Exercise: Enter Project Information
    Exercise: Add and Delete Commands from the Quick Access Toolbar

    Module 3: Calendars

    In this module, participants will learn how to work with Calendars in Microsoft Outlook 2016.


    • Project Start Date
    • Create a Project Calendar
    • Connect a Calendar to a Project
    • Format the Timeline to Match a Custom Calendar

    Exercise: Set the Project Start Date
    Exercise: Create and Link a Project Calendar

    Module 4: Working with Tasks

    In this module, participants will learn how to work with tasks in Microsoft Outlook 2016.


    • Create a Task
    • Enter Durations
    • Schedule Tasks
    • Milestone Tasks
    • Link Tasks
    • Add Notes to Tasks
    • Add a Calendar to a Task

    Exercise: Enter Tasks and Durations
    Exercise: Set a Task to Manual Scheduling
    Exercise: Add a Milestone Task
    Exercise: Add a Note to a Task
    Exercise: Link Tasks
    Exercise: Add to Your Map
    Exercise: Practice of Topics covered in Lessons 1 to 4

    Module 5: Creating and Working with Resources

    In this module, participants will learn how to create and work with resources.


    • The Resource Sheet
    • Assign Resources to Tasks

    Exercise: Enter Work, Material, and Cost Resources
    Exercise: Assign Resources to Tasks

    Module 6: Managing a Project

    In this module, participants will learn how to manage a project using Microsoft Project 2016.


    • View a Project
    • Review and Make Adjustments to a Project
    • Set a Baseline
    • View the Baseline
    • Record Progress
    • Report on Projects
    • Send Data to Excel

    Exercise: Review the Project
    Exercise: Set and View a Baseline
    Exercise: Record Progress
    Exercise: Create a Report
    Exercise: Send Data to Excel 

    This course is beneficial for individuals who are new to Microsoft Project.


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