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    The training course is designed for providing the students with the required ability to work as a professional Linux system administrator. This training course covers the essential process of administering, configuring and upgrading Linux systems that run one of the three major Linux distribution families namely, Red Hat, SUSE, Debian/Ubuntu, the process of mastering the tools and concepts that are needed for efficiently building and managing an enterprise Linux infrastructure.

    It also renders the skills for using state-of-the-art system administration techniques in real-life scenarios via practical labs.


    You should be able to meet the following objectives after the completion of this course:

    • Configuring services such as DNS, shares, SSH and SELinux/AppArmor as well as servers for DHCP and HTTP.
    • Ensuring network performance via configuration, monitoring, tunneling, and routing of traffic.
    • Managing system storage by using partitions, logical volumes, physical volumes, ACLs, quotas, and clustering.
    • Performing essential Linux commands such as installation, searches and manipulating files.

    Module 1: System Startup and Shutdown

    Module 2: Linux Filetree System Layout

    Module 3: Kernel Services and Configuration

    Module 4: Partitioning and Formatting Disks

    Module 5: Linux Filesystems

    Module 6: RAID and LVM

    Module 7: Processes

    Module 8: Package Management Systems

    Module 9: Package Installers

    Module 10: User and Group Account Management

    Module 11: Backup and Recovery Methods

    Module 12: Networking

    Module 13: Firewalls

    Module 14: Local System Security

    Module 15: Basic Troubleshoot and System Rescue

    • Students with a basic knowledge of Linux
    • Users of Linux

    To take this course the student must have the knowledge of the following-

    • Familiarity with text editors.
    • Knowledge of the basic components of Linux.
    • Working knowledge of Bash scripting.

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