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    The Development III training period puts into application the techniques taught and learn in in Development I in Microsoft Dynamics® AX 2012 and Development II in Microsoft Dynamics® AX 2012 courses. This three-day course will also introduce participants to more advanced features of X++ and MorphX and encourages the deployment of the Testing Framework to build for more reliable coding.

    Completion of this training course will enable candidates in:

    • Creating a test case, adding methods to a test case & run a test case.
    • Building a test project and suite & isolate test cases appropriately.
    • Explaining the MorphX development environment and the Application Object Tree
    • Programming optimal database access using a "while select" statement & queries.
    • Describing the caching mechanisms in Microsoft Dynamics AX.
    • Preventing and resolving database locking.
    • Using ParmId and ParmTables.
    • Using collection classes to store data in X++.
    • Listing which application objects control different GUI components.
    • Modifying and using the Application Substituted Kernel Classes.
    • Extending the RunBase framework to create new batch processes.
    • Transferring information using the Args object.
    • Identifying the main sections that make up a form.
    • Adding data sources to a form to define what data is displayed by the form.
    • Modifying form methods to the control how the form behaves when it opens and closes.
    • Making runtime modification of the fetch of data.
    • Exploring the Application Object Tree (AOT) from Visual Studio.
    • Creating a project in Visual Studio.
    • Writing .NET managed code that uses X++ objects.
    • Configuring how the workflow engine is executed on a server.
    • Creating a new workflow type & Apply a workflow to a form.
    • Creating Event Handlers and apply them to a workflow.
    • Defining what happens when the workflow is approved or denied.

    Module 1: X++ Unit Test Framework

    • Introduction
    • Create Test Cases
    • Add Methods to Test Cases
    • Run Test Cases
    • Build Test Projects and Suites

    Lab: Create a Test Case

    Module 2: Working with Data

    • While Select
    • Query
    • Caching & Locking
    • Temporary Tables
    • ParmTables
    • InitFrom
    • Date Effectiveness
    • Data Integration
    • Computed Columns in Views

    Lab: Fetching Data

    Lab: Converting Queries

    Lab: Reducing Locking

    Lab: Temporary Tables

    Lab: Integrating External Data

    Module 3: Classes

    • Introduction
    • Collection Classes
    • Args Object
    • Application Object Classes
    • Application Substituted Kernel Classes
    • RunBase Framework

    Lab: Create a Map

    Lab: Create a Query from Code

    Lab: Create a Global Method

    Lab: Make a RunBase Class

    Lab: Using Args

    Module 4: Forms

    • Architecture
    • Data Sources
    • Form Methods
    • Form Controls
    • Additional Controls
    • Placement of Code

    Lab: Create a Form

    Lab: Use Unbound Controls

    Lab: Initialize a Form

    Lab: Add a Window Control

    Module 5: Visual Studio Integration

    • Introduction
    • Application Explorer
    • Managed Code Projects
    • Visual Studio Projects
    • Deploy Managed Code
    • Visual Studio Debugging Experience for X++

    Lab: Create a Managed Code Project

    Lab: Create an Event Handler in Managed Code

    Module 6: Workflow

    • Workflow Configuration
    • Create a Workflow Category
    • Create a Workflow Type
    • Create a Workflow Approval
    • Author a Workflow
    • Create a Query
    • Enable Workflow on a Form
    • Create Event Handlers

    Lab: Add another Condition to the Submit Action

    Lab: Enable Resubmit

    This Microsoft course 80312a is intended for experienced systems consultants who are working for a Microsoft Dynamics partner that is selling, consulting, implementing, and supporting Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.


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