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    Course Information

    This Java EE 7 New Features training course has been designed for experienced Java EE 6 platform professionals. This training will simplify the switch to the Java EE 7 platform by helping participants perform lab exercises and experimenting with real code examples.

    Completion of this training course will enable candidates in:

    • Implementing the new Java API for Batch Applications, JSON and WebSockets in your code (JSRs 352, 353 and 356).
    • Enabling JAX-RS 2.0, EL 3.0 and JMS 2.0 Major enhancements in your code.
    • Implementing the enhancements in JSF and JSP in your code.
    • Implementing the enhancements in CDI and Bean Validation in your code.
    • Implementing the enhancements in EJB and JPA in your code.
    • Describing and leveraging the enhancements in the Java EE 7 platform.
    • Understanding the new features for Java EE 7: JSON, WebSockets, HTML 5, JSF & Servlets.
    • Updating existing applications to EE 7.

    Course Benefits:

    Attaining certification of this course helps individuals write applications for Java EE 7 and utilize the benefits of a cloud environment as well as of improved simplifications in Java EE 7. This training brings ease to extend the range of the Java EE platform in incorporating emerging technologies in the web space.


    1. Java EE 7 Overview

    • Overview of Common Annotations 1.1. How they consolidate and remove duplicates.
    • Web Profile Changes
    • New Default Connections for Database and JMS
    • JSRs (What’s New, Major Release and Updated)
    • Pruned technologies - EJB Entity Beans, JAX-RPC 1.1, JAXR 1.0, and JSR-88 1.2
    • Security Descriptor and Deployment Descriptor Changes

    2. Develop Java EE Applications Using JAX-RS 2.0 and JSON-P

    • New Client API
    • JAX-RS Server Side Improvements
    • JSON-P (new API)

    3. Developing Application Using Web Component Enhancements (JSF, JSP, EL, Servlet)

    • JSF & JSP Changes
    • EL & Servlet Changes

    4. Developing Applications Using WebSocket

    • Explain WebSocket
    • Discuss Web Service Limitations
    • Client-side WebSocket with JavaScript

    5. Implementing EJB, CDI and Bean Validation

    • EJB Improvements
    • CDI Changes
    • Bean Validation Improvements

    6. Implementing JMS, JPA and Batch

    • JMS 2.0
    • JPA Improvements
    • Batch Applications (new API)


    The Java EE 7 New Features training course is ideal for:

    • Java Developers
    • J2EE Developer
    • Java EE Developers



    • Java SE 7 Programming

    Suggested Prerequisites:

    • Java EE 6: Develop Business Components with JMS & EJBs
    • Java EE 6: Develop Database Applications with JPA


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