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    The Java Performance Tuning with Mission Control and Flight Recorder training provides strong foundations of deploying Java garbage collection. This course will help participants to monitor, profile and tune in Java applications using various tools like Visual VM, Flight Recorder, Java Mission Control and the NetBeans IDE.

    Completion of this training course will enable candidates in:

    • Effectively applying tools like Java Mission Control and Flight Recorder to your daily work.
    • Monitoring, profiling and tuning your Java applications.
    • Using command line and visual tools to perform these tasks.
    • Advancing in deploying Visual VM, Java Mission Control, Flight Recorder and the NetBeans IDE.
    • Using these tools and techniques to analyze Java 7 and earlier JVMs.

    Course Benefits:

    Attaining certification of this course helps individuals to equip their skills of working on Java garbage collection on your applications. Participants learn to use the new Mission Control and Java Flight Recorder tools to monitor and analyze your applications. Not only this, but participants also develop their knowledge in choosing the appropriate garbage collector and performance goal for developing applications.

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    Note: Unauthorized recording, copying, or transmission of LVC content may not be made.


    1. Monitoring Operating System Performance

    • Monitor CPU Usage
    • Monitor Memory Usage
    • Monitor Network I/O
    • Monitor Disk I/O
    • Monitor Processes

    2. Performance Profiling Tools

    • Profiling Tools Overview
    • CPU Profiling
    • Heap Profiling

    3. Troubleshooting Performance Issues by Profiling

    • Memory Leak Profiling
    • Detecting Memory leaks
    • Detecting Contention and Locking Issues

    4. Garbage Collection Tuning

    • Tune with Serial GC
    • Tune with Parallel GC
    • Tune with Concurrent GC
    • Tune with G1 GC

    5. Language Level Concerns and Garbage Collection

    • Object Allocation
    • Explicit Garbage Collection
    • Working with Large Objects
    • Memory Leak Detection Tools
    • Finalizers
    • Object References


    This Java Performance Tuning with Mission Control and Flight Recorder is ideal training for:

    • Technical Consultant
    • Support Engineer
    • System Administrator
    • Java Developers
    • Java EE Developers



    • Java SE 7 Fundamentals Training

    Suggested Prerequisites:

    • Java SE 7 Programming
    • Java SE 7 Develop Rich Client Applications
    • Developing Applications for the Java EE 6 Platform


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