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    The Java SE New Features training is a short class that highlights major advancements and modifications that have taken place in Oracle Java SE 7 release. This course will equip the professionals with the advanced features of SE 7 who are already proficient in developing Java programs deploying Java SE 6 or earlier Java SE platforms.

    Completion of this training course will enable candidates in:

    • Defining the new APIs for the I/O and network enhancements.
    • Describing the language enhancements in Java SE 7.
    • Investigating into the new features and enhancements in the Java SE 7 platform, and start using it to develop Java applications.
    • Exploring the core platform technology enhancements.

    Meets Certification Training Requirement

    This course fulfills the training requirement for an Oracle Certification path. Only Classroom Training, Live Virtual Class or Training On Demand (TOD) courses will fulfill the requirement.

    Note: Self-Paced and Knowledge Center courses do not meet the training requirement.

    1. JDK7 Platform Overview

    • JDK 7 Platform: Browser Support
    • JDK 7 Platform: OS Support
    • Overview of Java new features

    2. Language Enhancements

    • Implementing binary literals
    • Strings in Switch
    • Type inference for generic instance creation
    • The try-with-resources Statement
    • Improved var args method invocations
    • Catch multiple exception types and redrawing exceptions with improved type checking

    3. Core Technologies Enhancements

    • Optimized Java2D rendering
    • Development in the XML stack
    • Support for JDBC 4.1 and RowSet 1.1
    • Support for dynamically-typed languages
    • Improvements in the class loader architecture
    • Improvement in the swing package
    • Collections framework enhancements
    • Concurrency utility enhancements

    4. I/O and Network Enhancements

    • java.nio.file package
    • Use the Windows Vista IPv6 stack
    • New APIs for file system access
    • Describe Sockets Direct Protocol
    • Describe Stream Control Transmission Protocol

    The Java SE 7 New Features Course is ideal for:

    • Application Developers
    • Java Developers
    • Developer

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