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    An Oracle Certified Master (OCM) is a top-level Oracle expert who possesses in-depth knowledge and application of the Oracle data server and industry experience managing mission-critical Oracle database systems. An OCM is considered to be an expert within an Organization, amongst and across the industry.

    The OCM upgrade exam is conducted at designated Oracle University facilities in each global region.

    Prerequisites for Registration

    • The 12c OCM Upgrade candidates must hold an Oracle Database 10g or 11g Administrator Certified Master (OCM) credential
    • Participants must have a minimum of 3 to 4 years of Oracle database administrator experience

    Exam Details

    • OCM participants have to complete a series of skill sets and solve technical and failure problems within an Oracle Database 12c environment.
    • As this is a Master Upgrade, skillsets are timed and thus require flamboyant knowledge of Oracle database with hands-on experience to successfully complete them.

    1. General Database and Network Administration, and Backup Strategy

    • Creating and managing pluggable databases
    • Creating and managing users, roles, and privileges
    • Configuring the network environment to allow connections to multiple databases
    • Protecting the database from data loss due to failures
    • Creating and managing database configuration files

    2. Data and Performance Management

    • Administering Materialized views
    • Plugging in a tablespace by using the transportable tablespace feature
    • Creating partitioned tables
    • Configuring the database to retrieve all previous versions of table rows
    • Configuring Oracle Database Resource Manager
    • Tuning SQL statements
    • Performing Real Application Testing
    • Creating SQL Plan baselines

    3. Data Guard

    • Administering a Data Guard environment
    • Creating a physical standby database
    • Configuring a standby database for testing
    • Configuring a standby database to apply redo
    • Configuring a standby database to use for reporting
    • Configuring fast start failover

    4. Grid Infrastructure and RAC

    • Installing Oracle Grid Infrastructure
    • Creating ASM Disk Groups
    • Creating and managing ASM instances
    • Configuring ASM Cloud File System (ACFS)
    • Administering Oracle Clusterware
    • Installing Oracle Database 12c software
    • Creating a Real Application Clusters (RAC) database
    • Configuring Database Services

    The Oracle Certified Master Upgrade Training Course is ideal for those working with the profiles of:

    • Database Administrators
    • Technical Consultant

    • Proficiency in Oracle 12c SQL
    • Advanced knowledge and use of Oracle Enterprise Server technology and features
    • Working knowledge of LINUX commands
    • Oracle Database 10g or Oracle Database 11g OCM Certification

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