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    Course Information

    The Oracle Database 12c: SQL and PL/SQL New Features training has been designed for database administrators that provides a detailed understanding of the new features available in Oracle Database 12c.

    This certification course will help you explore the latest features that can be deployed in SQL language and also the feature enhancements in PL/SQL, data types, language performance and data warehousing. This course will also introduce you to Oracle Database Exadata Express Cloud Service.

    Completion of this training course will enable candidates in:

    • Understanding the FETCH clause to limit the rows returned by a SQL query.
    • Taking advantage of the invisible and hidden columns.
    • Making use of the IDENTITY column to automatically generate the number column.
    • Utilizing the ACCESSIBLE BY clause to create a white list of PL/SQL units.
    • Granting roles to PL/SQL packages and standalone stored procedures.
    • Understanding Synchronous Materialized Views.
    • Identifying ways to improve query performance against OLAP cubes.
    • Gaining an understanding of the Oracle Database Exadata Express Cloud Service.

    Course Benefits:

    Attaining certification of this course helps individuals get a better understanding of the data warehousing new features available in Oracle Database 12c. This includes maintaining multiple partitions and SQL for pattern matching.


    1. Course Introduction

    • Course Objectives & Course Agenda
    • Schemes used in this course
    • Classroom account information
    • Overview of SQL Developer 4.0
    • Review the Oracle Database 12c SQL and PL/SQL documentation and additional resources

    2. SQL Language Enhancements

    • SQL Row Limiting Clause
    • Enhanced DDL capabilities using ONLINE keyword
    • Invisible and Hidden Columns
    • Additional features in SQL Language

    3. Data Types Enhancements

    • Increased Length Limits of Data Types
    • SQL Column enhancements
    • Use SQL IDENTITY Column
    • GATEWAY Enhancements
    • ANYDATA type Enhancements

    4. PL/SQL Enhancements

    • Define a White List
    • Understand Invoker’s right and Definer’s right
    • Grant Roles to PL/SQL packages and standalone stored subprograms
    • PL/SQL functions that run faster in SQL
    • Additional PL/SQL Enhancements

    5. Data Warehousing Enhancements

    • Multi partition maintenance operations
    • SQL for Pattern Matching
    • Review of partitioned indexes
    • Improve Query Performance Against OLAP Cubes
    • Overview of Synchronous Materialized View Refresh

    6. Oracle Cloud Overview

    • Introduction to Oracle Cloud & Oracle Cloud Services
    • Cloud Deployment Models
    • Explore Exadata Express
    • Evolving from On-premises to Exadata Express
    • Exadata Express for Users & Developers
    • Service Console & Web Access through Service Console
    • Oracle Exadata Express Cloud Service
    • Get Started with Exadata Express


    This course is ideal for those working with the profiles of:

    • Database Administrators
    • Application Developers
    • Project Manager
    • System Analysts


    • Basic knowledge of Oracle Database, Structured Query Language(SQL).
    • Understanding of basic programming concepts such as IF-THEN statements, loops, procedures, and functions.


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