Earning PMP Worth Your Time

recognized globally

PMP is recognized globally &
respected world-wide

PMP training course is the de facto standard around the world that validates your skills in initiating, managing & maintaining large scale projects.

Apt for Project Managers

Apt for Project Managers of
Any Industry

PMP certification demonstrates to current & potential employers that you possess skills, knowledge & experience required to lead and direct projects.

Rewarding Career path

Rewarding Career path
Great Earnings

The average wage increase of professionals with a PMP certification is 20% - often reaching heights of £85,000 and beyond.

Benefits of PMP Training in Bangalore

recognized globally

Benefits of PMP Certification

  • Meet the demand of Customer’s Business
  • Follow the best practices for Project Closure
  • Common Business language accepted globally
  • Less investment of time and money
  • Competent to gain multiple opportunities
  • Qualified for Top Paying Project management jobs
  • 20% more earnings as compared to non-certified ones
Apt for Project Managers

How to Become A PMP?

  • Meet the Eligibility criteria
  • Take Exam Prep Training
  • Apply for PMP Certification
    [Certification Exam Fee:
    Non-member: US$555.00]
  • Schedule and Attend the Exam
  • Pass the Exam
  • Earn Continued Professional Development
Rewarding Career path

How Can We Help You?

  • 35 hours of Instructor-led and Live-online Training
  • Reference Material
  • 35 Contact Hours / PDUs Certificate
  • Training Completion Certificate
  • Exam Simulator (Questions based on PMBOK 6 Edition)
  • Provide Roadmap for PMP Certification

Modes of Training





PMP Training in Bangalore - At A Glance

PMI's Project Management Professional - PMP credentials is one of its kind and pertinent certification for project managers. It is globally recognized and in high-demand which demonstrates your experience, knowledge and competency to successfully lead and direct projects.

Mercury Solutions provide project management - PMP Training in bangalore in an application driven method. You will be totally immersed in the curriculum through the use of comprehensive case studies, exercises, examples and war stories. The program contains highly interactive and modular course units.

Learning Objectives of PMP

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Pass the PMP® Exam to become a certified project management professional (PMP®).
  • Gain the skills and knowledge of project management based on the PMBOK® Guide & real-life project management practices.
  • Know how to use the tools & techniques you learned while studying for the PMP® exam.
  • Apply project management techniques useful in the real world.
  • Share a common lexicon of project management terms and principles.

Course Information


PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP®)




4 Days

Contact Hours:

35 hrs


Project Management

Delivery Method:

Classroom, Virtual Classroom

Package Includes

  • 35 hours of Instructor-led Training
  • Reference Material
  • 35 Contact Hrs
  • Training Completion Certificate
  • 1,200+ Practice Test Questions
  • PMP Lite Mock Exam- 18
  • Exam Simulator (Questions based on PMBOK 6 Edition)

Course Description

PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP®) credential is the most important, industry-recognized certification for project managers. Globally recognized and demanded, the PMP® credential demonstrates that you have the experience, education and competency to successfully lead and direct projects.

Mercury’s 35-hours, PMP® Exam Preparation Course provides a high quality training program that prepares candidates to both pass the PMP® exam, as well as learn to apply the PMBOK® in real life.

PMP® candidates are encouraged to enhance their learning experience by completing Sharkworld. This online, interactive project management simulation puts participants in the role of a project manager for a fictional company. You are challenged with the task to build the largest “shark aquarium” in the world. Faced with sharp deadlines and performance expectations, you have to manage the project by planning, negotiating & communicating with all of the stakeholders involved.

This Classroom course is aimed at people who work, or would like to work,on projects on a daily basis and would like to achieve the PMP® Certification. More specifically, this course is for project managers who want to master the Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PMBOK®) and improve their skills in managing projects.

Mercury’s approach to project management education is application driven. You will be immersed in project management through use of a comprehensive case study, exercises, examples and war stories. At the end of this program, you will be able to pass the exam and at the same time know how to use PMBOK® in practice as a project management professional.

This program contains 14 highly interactive, and modular course units. The course is enriched with engaging questions from real-life project situations. Through a series of sample-exam questions you will be optimally prepared to take and pass the exam.


There are no formal prerequisites for participating in the PMP® Exam Preparation course, however, there are specific prerequisites prior to scheduling the PMP® exam.

Course Outline:

Pre-Course Online Assessment :
Pre-Course Online Mock Exam (40 questions, 1 hour, will be discussed in class at Day 1).

Day 1

  • 1. Course Introduction
  • 2. Guidelines for the PMP® Exam Preparation
  • 3. Project Management Framework
  • 4. Project Integration Management
  • 5. Project Scope Management

Day 2

  • 6. Project Time Management
  • 7. Project Cost Management
  • 8. Project Quality Management
  • 9. Project Human Resource Management
  • 10. Project Communications Management

Day 3

  • 11. Project Risk Management
  • 12. Project Procurement Management
  • 13. Project Stakeholder Management
  • 14. Cross-Cutting Knowledge & Skills

Day 4

  • 15. Cross-Cutting Knowledge & Skills (continued)
  • 16. Course Wrap-Up

Post-Course Online Assessment Post-Course Online Sample Exam (200 questions, 4 hours).

Exam Description

The Project Management Professional (PMP)® is the most important industry-recognized certification for project managers.

Certification Exam Fee:
Non-member: US$555.00

Exam Facts






Web proctored


240 minutes

# of questions:

200 multiple choice questions (175 real questions)

Renewal of PMP Certification in Bangalore:

The PMP certification cycle obtained by PMI lasts for three years. It is necessary to maintain your earned PMP credential and an active certification status through Continuing Certification Requirements [CCR] program. During the three years, it is recommended that you have to earn 60 Professional Development Units [PDUs] to renew the certification at the end of the cycle.

PMP renewal is applicable only when 60 PDUs have been completed in the said duration, or else the certification will be under suspension for one year and carries no validity thereafter.

Average Salaries of PMP Certified Professionals

The median salary for a Project Management Practitioner is $92,000

[As per recent salary survey-7th edition of PMI’s Project Management Salary Survey]

The survey of top 10 Countries with the Highest Project Manager Salaries are as follows:


Training Calendar

Batch Dates Batch Type Training Mode Enquire Now

PMP Certification Training in Bangalore

Bangalore is the hub for information technology companies in India. It is often compared to the original Silicon Valley of San Francisco Bay Area, which is a global hub for IT. Similarly, owing to its popularity, Bangalore is quickly becoming the hub for IT companies in India. More than 50 percent of India’s IT exports come from the city and the wealth of technical expertise make it an attractive choice for professionals to seek for various opportunities and get certification relevant to the industry and organizational requirements.

Project Management domain is gaining immense popularity owing to its great demand in the IT industry. And Bangalore is the city where IT professionals competing to attain an edge among each other to reach a rewarding job for fulfilling careers. Various career options exist in Bangalore, IT industry these days are hiring from programmers, database administrators, systems analysts, to project managers, information security specialists, systems analysts, network and computer systems administrators, and others.

As the IT industry continues to grow in Bangalore the demand for certified project management professionals also increase. learn all the aspects of project management. You learn the latest modules, get to give mock test, practice on exam simulators and more. You are sure to attain a rewarding career and earn handsomely and be in-demand across the globe.

Besides, the PMP course in Bangalore from Mercury Solutions is designed to prepare you for clearing the PMP exam in your first attempt. The training program offers hands-on experience to you and gets you ready for top project management job roles. Make it your first step towards your bright career and path of continuous improvement and employment.

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PMP is the language of global Project Managers. Once you gain PMP certification you are among those who speak the language used by over 750,000 certified project managers across the globe. The PMP is recognized the world over as the gold standard in project management.

Among survey respondents (to PMI’s Earning Power Salary Survey) those with a PMP certification garner a higher salary (20% higher on average) than those without a PMP certification.*

  • It adds value to the resume
  • You become recognized industry-wide
  • You learn Strategic and Management skills
  • You attain better remuneration that non-certified peers.
  • You get global networking opportunities.
  • Validate your futuristic approach and aptitude of being relevant.

Earning PMP certification is quite tricky, you must pursue a well laid out PMP course, with Mercury Solutions’ PMP training in Bangalore. It is industry recognized courses with more than 98.5% exam passing rate. We train you with Mock test for clearing PMP exam questions. Enroll Now!

PMP certification has some pertinent requirements. Before you even begin the process of PMP certification you must understand their eligibility requirements:

PMP Eligibility Requirements:

  • The PMI requires that you meet some initial requirements before you are eligible to appear for the PMP exam.
  • Bachelor's degree or global equivalent,
  • Minimum three years/36 months unique non-overlapping professional project management experience.
  • 4,500 hours spent leading and directing projects.
  • 35 contact hours of formal project management education (satisfied by Mercury Solutions' 4-Day PMP training course)
  • High school diploma, associate's degree or global equivalent,
  • Minimum 5 years /60 months unique non-overlapping professional project management experience,
  • 7,500 hours spent leading and directing projects
  • 35 contact hours of formal project management education (satisfied by Mercury Solutions' 4-Day PMP training course)

Additionally, you must read the Project Management Professional Credential Handbook and visit the PMI.org website for additional information.

Upon knowing the pre-requisites, you must follow a proper strategic way to pass the PMP certification in Bangalore. With Mercury Solutions’ you get PMP course in multiple modes. Also, check latest PMP certification online preparation as well.

Pass PMP Certification: Follow the simple 5-step process

Once you know the pre-requisites and meet the eligibility requirements. You must follow a strategic approach to prepare yourself for passing the PMP exam. Successful PMP certification holder and aspirants and certification holder typically follow a strict path:

  • Review the content & course outline
  • Enroll for a strategic well laid-out PMP preparatory course.
  • Attend to lectures, interactive sessions.
  • Review the latest edition of PMBOK Guide and reference material.
  • Practice Sample / Mock Tests as much as possible.

On an average, a successful PMP candidate will spend 35 hours (min.) to prepare, so make sure you leave yourself plenty of preparation time before you take the exam.

PMP serves as a validation of your rising Project Management career, showcasing the knowledge and professional experience at a global level to clients, current and prospective employers. The benefits are many, including high market value, enhanced credibility in many cases to higher pay.

Needless to say, that PMP professionals speaks the language of global Project Managers among the circle of over 750,000 certified project managers across the globe. As it is considered the world over as the gold standard in project management.

Here are few of the major benefits that PMP credential holders attain:

Given below are different views expressed by PMP credential holders on the career benefits they could see from this certification.

PMP is the language of global Project Managers. Once you gain PMP certification you are among those who speak the language used by over 750,000 certified project managers across the globe. The PMP is recognized the world over as the gold standard in project management.

Among survey respondents (to PMI’s Earning Power Salary Survey) those with a PMP certification garner a higher salary (20% higher on average) than those without a PMP certification.*

  • It adds value to the resume (worldwide recognition).
  • You become recognized industry-wide (it is valid in any industry besides IT).
  • You learn Strategic and Management skills (behavioral skills as PMs and skills).
  • You attain better remuneration that non-certified peers (20% higher on average.)
  • You get global networking opportunities (circle of over 750,000 certified project managers across the globe).
  • Validate your futuristic approach and aptitude of being relevant (future-proofing your career).

However, this doesn’t come easy you have to prepare with a well-laid plan, prepare and practice to clear PMP exam questions, and that happen only with PMP course online or classroom PMP training in Bangalore.

For career building in Project Management – PMP Certification is one of the most valued credentials that give the utmost credibility to your resume. It is recognized worldwide as a common language among global Project Managers and you become part of their fraternity. To validate your project management skills and acquire more knowledge and strategies on the way up to the PMP credentials PMP Training in Bangalore is the best path.

  • PMP credentials give your profile added value from other non-certified peers.
  • This makes you eligible to attain better remuneration.
  • It makes your profile stand-out and gain more career avenues upon passing the PMP Exam.
  • PMP credential is recognized in various industries besides Technology.
  • It helps you cash-in the growing demands of the Project Managers in the industry.

In the light of above-mentioned benefits and features, it can be said that you should attain PMP certification to carve a successful Project Management career. In order to do so, Mercury Solutions’ PMP Certification Online course or PMP Training in Bangalore is the best option so far in the industry. We have assured a rate of 98.5% exam passing and make you practice PMP exam question to support the exam. Enroll now, all the best!

The to the point answer is ‘NO’, there is no fixed score to achieve in order to pass the Project Management Professional exam. PMP exam questions are tricky. It depends a lot on the answer to the pretest questions. This simply means that no two candidates will achieve the same set of questions and consequently the scores also vary. An exam with easy questions will have a passing score higher. So, it is difficult to estimate.

Let us see the exam format here:

There are a total of 200 MCQs in PMP Certification Online exam, out of which, 175 are scored and the rest are known as pre-test questions which do not add to the actual score. Pre-test questions are experimental in nature and are tested to retain the validity in the exam. You may not be able to identify these questions as they are evenly distributed across the exam.

  • PMP is a closed book exam any reference to any material during the exam is not allowed.
  • You are given 4 hours to complete the exam.
  • No scheduled breaks are allowed for 4 hours.
  • It will be deducted from the 4 hours duration.

These questions are based on the PMBOK specification and PMP Code of ethics.

Mercury Solutions Limited offers PMP Training as Hybrid class [Blended classroom and online course] as per the participant’s convenience.

Online training is preferred today by most of the professionals. All that you need in online training is a computer or the mobile devices with high speed Internet connection. Learning online is the best revolution for education today that brings learning at your place.

With online education, you are able to take any course you want. When you opt for online education, you are not bound to physical sessions of long hours.

With online training, you are able to continue your profession and parallelly upgrade the necessary skills and stand distinct in th e job market place.

Online course or the online degrees shows your employer that you are committed to learning and make time to obtain the new skills.

We provide the certification training [Classroom and Online training as well] to gain an in-depth knowledge and helps you to clear the certification course in 1st attempt itself.

Our training enhances your skills aligned with core PMI values and Ethical standards.

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