VMware vSphere: Optimize and Scale plus Troubleshooting Fast Track [V6.5]




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    Course Information

    As the name itself suggests, this Fast Track five-day course is a perfect mix of VMware vSphere: Optimize and Scale and VMware vSphere: Troubleshooting workshop courses. It envelopes the best of these courses and equips the VMware administrators to optimize and troubleshoot VMware vSphere at the expert level.  

    Course Objective:

    Upon completion of this course, the participant would be able to

    • Configure and manage vSphere network and storage.
    • Use VMware vSphere® Auto Deploy™ to provision ESXi hosts
    • Manage and secure the vSphere environment
    • Detect and rectify the vSphere related problems by using VMware vSphere web client, the log files, and the command-line interface.
    • Able to troubleshoot network, storage, ESXi host, vSphere cluster, virtual machine problems, and, etc.


    1. Course Introduction

    • Introduction, course logistics, and course objectives

    2. Introduction to Troubleshooting

    • Identify system problem effects
    • Principles of troubleshooting
    • Structured and logical troubleshooting procedure
    • Illustrations on troubleshooting

    3. Troubleshooting Tools

    • Use of command-line tools
    • Use of VMware vSphere® Management Assistant
    • Log files
    • Use of VMware vRealize® Log Insight™ for log aggregation, search, and analysis

    4. vSphere Security

    • Configuration and authorization of ESXi host
    • Secure ESXi, vCenter Server, and virtual machines
    • Configure vSphere certificate management
    • Encrypt virtual machines, vSphere vMotion migrations, and core dumps

    5. Network Scalability

    • Configure and manage vSphere distributed switches
    • Port mirroring, QoS tagging, LACP, and NetFlow

    6. Network Optimization

    • Network adapters; vSphere networking
    • Use of esxtop

    7. Networking Troubleshooting  

    • Identify the Network-related problems
    • Analysis and resolution of standard and distributed problems
    • Virtual machine analysis and problem fixation
    • Network connectivity problems and its restorage
    • Prevention of potential problems

    8. Storage Scalability

    • VMware vSphere® Storage APIs
    • Virtual machine storage policies
    • Configuration of VMware vSphere® Storage DRS™
    • VMware vSphere® Storage I/O Control

    9. Storage Optimization

    • Storage queue types
    • Monitor key storage performance metrics 

    10. Storage Troubleshooting

    • Troubleshoot storage
    • Analyze storage-related logs
    • Analyze hardware malfunction and software misconfiguration scenarios
    • Identify multipathing-related problems
    • Recover faulty conditions and restore storage visibility

    11. CPU Optimization

    • CPU scheduler operation, NUMA support
    • Monitor key CPU performance metrics

    12. Memory Optimization

    • Ballooning, Memory compression, Host-swapping techniques
    • Use of ESX top for monitoring

    13. Analyzing vSphere

    • Proactive DRS and virtual machine availability
    • Use of vRealize Log Insight

    14. vSphere Clusters

    • VMware vSphere® High Availability, problems, and recovery
    • vSphere vMotion problems: Analysis and Troubleshooting
    • VMware vSphere® Distributed Resource Scheduler™ problems
    • Balanced usage of resource
    • vSphere cluster failure scenarios and its solutions

    15. Virtual Machines

    • Virtual machine snapshot problems
    • Causes and troubleshooting
    • VMware Tools™ installations problems and resolutions
    • Failure scenarios and solutions

    16. Host and Management Scalability

    • Uses of VMware vCenter® Converter™
    • Use of VMware vSphere® ESXi™ Image Builder CLI
    • Use of content libraries, host profiles

    17. vCenter Server and ESXi

    • vCenter Server and VMware Platform Services Controller™ architecture
    • Authentication problems: Identification and solution
    • VMware CA and certificate problems: Troubleshooting
    • vCenter Server services, vCenter Server database problems and its solutions
    • VMware vCenter Server® High Availability problems and solutions


    • System administrators
    • System engineers
    • System integrators


    • VMware vSphere: ICM 6.5 course concepts
    • Equivalent skills and experience with ESXi and vCenter Server


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