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    Course Information

    This is a short e-Learning course that provides fundamental knowledge of VMware Workforce Mobility products and how these products arusedul in solving everyday business and technical challenges with end-user computing.

    This course will introduce participants to end-user computing, various components of workforce mobility portfolio such as Horizon 7, ThinApp, Horizon Air Cloud-Hosted, Mirage and AirWatch. 

    In the end of the training, you will be able to relate the products in the VMware Workforce Mobility portfolio to the challenges they help to resolve.

    The VMware Workforce Mobility Fundamentals will qualify you as a VCA-WM by clearing the VCA-WM exam (exam code: VCAW510).


    1. Course Introduction

    • Course Overview
    • Course Objectives
    • Course Outline

    2. Introduction to End-User Computing

    • The Changing Workforce Trends 
    • Impact of Changing Trends on IT
    • Business Issues for IT Executives and Administrators
    • Need for End-User Computing
    • Application Challenges
    • Accessibility Challenges
    • Security Challenges 
    • Management Challenges
    • VMware Workforce Mobility as a Solution
    • VMware Workforce Mobility/Desktop Transformation Portfolio
    • What Does Workforce Mobility Do?

    3. Components of VMware Workforce Mobility Portfolio

    VMware Workforce Mobility and Desktop Transformation Portfolio
    VMware Horizon 7
    • Key Features of VMware Horizon 7
    • View Administrator
    • Desktop and Application Pools
    • Provisioning Desktops
    • Dedicated Pools
    • Advantages and Disadvantages of Dedicated Pools
    • Floating Pools  
    • Types of Desktops 
    • Types of Clones
    • Full Clones
    • Linked Clones
    • Instant Clones
    • View Composer Clones
    • Differences between Instant and View Composer Clones
    • Application Pools
    • Application Pools: An Example
    • Provisioning Applications
    • Profile Management 
    • Advantages of Profile Management 
    • VMware Horizon 7 Integration with VMware Virtual SAN
    • Blast Performance 
    • Blast 3D
    • Blast 3D: Use of Hardware-Based Graphics Acceleration Cards
    • Blast Extreme
    • Blast Live Communications 
    • VMware View Connection Server
    • Two Factor Authentication 
    • True SSO
    • Benefits of True SSO 
    • Horizon Clients 
    • VMware View Composer
    • Thin/Zero Clients
    • Virtual Printing
    • Introduction to the Horizon Cloud Pod Architecture
    • Features of Horizon Cloud Pod Architecture
    • How Horizon Cloud Pod Architecture Works 
    • vRA Provisioning of VMware Horizon 7 Desktops
    • Review of VMware Horizon 7 Components and Features

    VMware App Volumes  
    • What is App Volumes? 
    • Application Containers
    • Supported Products/Technology  

    VMware User Environment Manager
    • Challenges with Managing User Profile in Virtual Environments
    • What is User Environment Manager?
    • Integration of User Environment Manager with VMware Horizon 7

    VMware ThinApp
    • What is ThinApp?
    • Features of ThinApp
    • Benefits of ThinApp
    • How Application Virtualization Works
    • Automating Update Functionality 
    • Creating ThinApp Applications
    • Methods of Application Distribution
    • Automating the Distribution Process
    • Use Cases of ThinApp

    VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon
    • What is VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon?
    • Benefits of VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon
    • How VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon Works
    • Monitoring/Managing: Cloud vs. Physical Environments
    • Performance Visibility: Super Metrics
    • Categories of Super Metrics
    • Performance: Self-Learning Analytics
    • Availability: Dynamic Thresholds
    • Availability: Pro-Active Smart Alerts

    • Horizon Air Cloud-hosted
    • What is Horizon Air Cloud-hosted?
    • Horizon Air Cloud-hosted Offerings
    • Key Elements of Horizon Air Cloud-hosted Offerings
    • Adaptive End-User Experience
    • Simple Virtual Desktops
    • Predictable Costs
    • Integrated Security Control
    • Models of Horizon Air Cloud-hosted
    • Benefits of Horizon Air Cloud-hosted
    • Use Cases of Horizon Air Cloud-hosted

    Horizon Air Hybrid-mode
    • What is Horizon Air Hybrid-mode? 
    • Horizon Air Hybrid-mode Features  
    • Horizon Air Hybrid-mode Benefits  

    VMware Horizon FLEX

    • What is Horizon FLEX?
    • Features of Horizon FLEX
    • Benefits of Horizon FLEX

    VMware Mirage
    • What is Mirage?
    • How Mirage Works
    • Components of Mirage
    • Layered Image Management
    • Mirage Branch Reflector
    • Benefits of Mirage Branch Reflector
    • Mirage Gateway
    • Restoring Endpoint in Case of a Failure
    • Migrating Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 Using Mirage

    VMware Identity Manager
    • Changing Work Trends
    • Digital Workspace 
    • What is VMware Identity Manager?
    • How VMware Identity Manager Works
    • Features of VMware Identity Manager
    • How to Use VMware Identity Manager with VMware Horizon 7

    VMware AirWatch

    • VMware AirWatch Components
    • VMware AirWatch Mobile Device Management Overview
    • VMware AirWatch Mobile Email Management Overview
    • VMware AirWatch Mobile Application Management Overview
    • VMware AirWatch Mobile Content Management Overview

    VMware Workspace One
    • Workspace One 
    • Key Features of Workspace ONE

    4. Applying What You’ve Learned
    • How Workforce Mobility helps Overcome IT Challenges 
    • End-User Computing Challenges: Recap
    • Application Challenges: Solution
    • Accessibility Challenge: Solution
    • Security Challenges: Solution
    • Management Challenges: Solution
    • Conclusion
    • Road Map: Where Do I Go from Here?


    VMware Workforce Mobility Course is ideal for:

    • Network Administrators
    • Cloud Administrators
    • System Engineers


    Basic knowledge of networking and cloud-computing.


    Name Code Fee
    VMware Certified Professional (VCP) - [VCA6-DTM] VCA6-DTM USD 276



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