10 Reasons Why You Should Do a CISSP Certification

    10 Reasons Why You Should Do a CISSP Certification

    Devarpita Pathak | Jul 13, 2019 | 1410 Views | 0 Comments
    10 Reasons Why You Should Do a CISSP Certification

    Cyber-security professional profiles are being head-hunted by hiring managers across the industry, making them highly in-demand across domains and job roles. This sudden rise in Information Security professionals across hiring managers is obvious, it is due to an increase in cyber-attacks and other threats, making smooth functioning of businesses in trouble. Besides, this sudden increase in cyber attacks is hampering the businesses credibility of enterprises among stakeholders and impacting their ROI in the long run.


    This has increased the opportunity for IT professionals to get better rewards in the market for Infosec skills. And CISSP is one of the elite Cyber Security Certifications all across the globe, certified professionals among the lot are given more opportunities and career scope, making CISSP certification the apt choice at present.

    CISSP is highly sought-after cybersecurity credential that all the aspirants and veterans are opting for. The CISSP certification validates your proficiency in cybersecurity knowledge and hands-on skills and it is considered as the highest degree of credential that every industry recognizes across globe and domains. CISSP certification also demonstrates that the professional has the expertise in managing and implementing cybersecurity measures and check for threats and vulnerabilities and create a system to safeguard that same in an enterprise in the most-effective manner.

    CISSP is the world’s premier cyber security certification awarded by the ‘ International Information Security Certification Consortium’ and recognized worldwide.

    Upon Certification, you become one of the members of this consortium which allows you to learn from others as well and get connected with peer groups. This comes ideal for those who are seeking advice on security matters and need to prove their expertise in the related niche.


    Lets us find out the typical job roles of CISSP certified Professionals:

    • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
    • Security Director
    • IT Director/Manager
    • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
    • Security Architect/Auditor/Manager/Consultant/Analyst
    • Security Systems Engineer
    • Network Architect

    Here are few extremely interesting reasons that make CISSP one of the most sought-after certification in Infosec domain this year.

    Let Us Dive-in the Infographics:


    Besides these mentioned analyses there are more than these reasons why you should do CISSP certification in order to build up your career in the Information Security Industry.

    Look-out for the upcoming training batches:

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