The Ultimate Guide to CISSP Certification
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    The Ultimate Guide to CISSP Certification

    Devarpita Pathak | Jun 08, 2017 | 8852 Views | 1 Comments
    The Ultimate Guide to CISSP Certification

    What is CISSP Certification

    The CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) is an essential credential for a security professional to validate their competencies and skill set to deploy a diverse information security infrastructure for protecting the organization from potential cybersecurity hazards.

    The course has been sponsored by (ISC)2, one of the world’s leading non-profit organization for providing healthy aids to the field of information security. The certification qualifies a candidate to effectively create, implement and evaluate the cybersecurity tools and technologies used to facilitate the healthy transfer of information across a diverse work environment.

    CISSP has been the first credential in the field of information security to meet the stern requirements of ISO/IEC Standard 17024.

    Why is CISSP Important

    CISSP is important to obtain due to its globally recognized standard in Information Security.

    It originates from an up-to-date, comprehensive and global common body of knowledge that guides security leaders to attain a better understanding and deep knowledge of all the latest technologies, regulations, threats, practices and standards.

    Benefits of CISSP

    • CISSP certification affirms your commitment in the field you’re working and makes it more relevant to ongoing professional education and understanding of the most current and trending practices.

    • After being CISSP certified you can demonstrate your technical knowledge, abilities, and skills to develop a holistic security program set more effectively against the universally accepted standards.

    • You can easily stand out from other candidates for a desirable job opening in the market for information security.

    • You will be able to gain access to valued career resources, that would include networking and exchange of ideas with peers.

    • You can also authenticate your skills and competence that you have gained through years of experience in the world of information security.

    Average Salary for CISSP

    The salary of a CISSP certified professional is much higher as compared to the others who are not certified. However, the pay scale differs from country to country and the salaries given in the image below are of the CISSP certified professionals working in India.

           Image Source: PayScale

    How to get CISSP certification

    Follow these simple steps to be CISSP Certified:

    Step 1: Register

    Register yourself in an IT training company who are the authorized partners of (ISC)², an international nonprofit membership association best known for the acclaimed Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification.

    Step 2: Enroll

    Enroll yourself for the CISSP certification course.

    Step 3: Get trained

    Get started with the training process in accordance to an official courseware offered to you.

    Step 4: Exam

    After your training is over, you must sit for the exam and pass it to gain your CISSP certificate.

    Step 5: Certification

    After clearing the exam, you are now CISSP certified. Take your certificate and you are good to go.

    How to Prepare for CISSP Exam

    Explore and study all the following 8 domains of the CISSP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) to prepare and pass the exam:

    • Security and Risk Management

    • Asset Security

    • Security Engineering

    • Communications and Network Security

    • Identity and Access Management

    • Security Assessment and Testing

    • Security Operations

    • Software Development Security

    What is a passing score on the CISSP Exam?

    The passing grade is 700 out of 1000 points to earn CISSP certification.

    Exam information:

    Length of exam                     3 hours
    Exam Delivery Method      Computer Adaptive Testing [CAT]
    Number of questions         100-150
    Question format                  MCQ Based
    Testing center                       Pearson VUE Testing Center

    The delivery mode would be the same linear form for the candidates opting languages other than English as it was earlier

    Exam weights



      Security and Risk Management


      Asset Security


      Security Engineering


      Communications and Network Security


      Identity and Access Management


      Security Assessment and Testing


      Security Operations


      Software Development Security




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    CISSP Practice Exam Sample Questions Answers

    These are a few sample question and answers for CISSP exam:

    1. Which of the following ensures that the application’s hardware remain highly available?

    a. Disk Mirroring

    b. Clustering

    c. RAI

    d. RAIT

    2. What is the advantage of digital signatures over message authentication codes?

    a. Digital signature provides integrity verification while message authentication code can not

    b. Digital signature provides confidentiality while message authentication code can not

    c. Digital signature provides authenticity while message authentication code can not

    d. Digital signature works faster than message authentication codes

    3. What is not secured in end-to-end encryption?

    a. Packet payload

    b. Public key

    c. Packet header

    d. Private key

    4. When due diligence and due care is observed it is said to be:



    a. Prudent person rule

    b. Proactive approach

    c. Negligence

    d. Reactive approach

    5. Which of the following algorithms can be used for Kerberos encryption

    a. DSA

    b. RSA

    c. DES

    d. ECC

    6. Which of the following provide isolation between subjects and objects?

    a. Reference monitor kernel

    b. Security monitor kernel

    c. Trusted computing base

    d. Security kernel

    7. What is the purpose of using Secure Hash Algorithm in virtual private networks?

    a. Authentication

    b. Key validation

    c. Integrity

    d. Encryption

    8. Which of the following documents has optional statements?

    a. Policy

    b. Regulation

    c. Baseline

    d. Guideline

    9. Which of the following glass type you will use for windows opening at street level

    a. Tempered glass

    b. Wired glass

    c. Laminated glass

    d. Bullet resistant glass

    10. If an IDS runs a script on firewall to block an attacking address, what type of control it is?

    a. Corrective

    b. Preventive

    c. Detective

    d. Compensating

    CISSP Certification Requirements

    CISSP certification suites or can be taken up by the following professionals:

    • Chief Information Security Officer

    • Director of Security

    • IT Director/Manager

    • Network Architect

    • Security Analyst

    • Security Architect

    • Security Auditor

    • Security Consultant

    • Security Manager

    • Security Systems Engineer

    Although it is not limited to only these profiles, one can also get CISSP with:

    A minimum 5 years of cumulative paid full-time work experience in 2 or more of the 8 domains mentioned below:

    • Security and Risk Management
    • Asset Security

    • Security Engineering

    • Communications and Network Security

    • Identity and Access Management

    • Security Assessment and Testing

    • Security Operations

    • Software Development Security

    On the other hand, earning a 4-year college degree or regional equivalent or an additional credential from the (ISC)² approved list will waive 1 year of the required experience.

    Note: Only a 1-year experience exemption is granted for education.

    However, a candidate who doesn’t have the above-mentioned experience to be entitled as a CISSP can become an Associate of (ISC)² by passing the CISSP exam successfully. The Associate of (ISC)² will then have 6 years to earn the 5 years required experience.


    CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) training is one of the best training course or certification offered by (ISC)2, an international non-profitable organization that provides essential certifications in the field of IT Administration, Cloud Security, Leadership & Operations that are globally recognized for professionals seeking a career in cyber security. 

    This content is brought to you by Mercury Solutions Limited, one of the best IT Training Company in India. Mehar Ahluwalia, the founder, with a vision of making the professionals’ career more fulfilling, is dedicated to delivering world-class IT Training programs and Certifications to the global participants.
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