AWS vs Azure: Which Cloud Certification is good for your career?
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    AWS vs Azure: Which Cloud Certification is good for your career?

    Devarpita Pathak | Jan 19, 2019 | 18382 Views | 1 Comments
    AWS vs Azure: Which Cloud Certification is good for your career?

    Not so long ago, the discussion of moving into the realm of virtualization and cloud computing may seem like too ambitious a goal for an enterprise; however, with the rise of cutting-edge virtualization technologies enterprises are now enjoying the fruits of it in their business.
    These new technologies of AWS and Azure are no less than superpowers which support business growth, revenue creation, as it completely optimizes resources and conserves it.

    In basic terms, virtualization is known for letting organizations run multiple virtual machines on a single physical machine, sharing the resources across multiple environments from a single computer.

    These are ‘super-computing’ clouds that have been developed with the proliferation of the high-speed Internet and more powerful chips and disk drives, the data-center keeping multitudes of computers specialized connections to spread data-processing tasks.

    Knowing and being the experts in assisting enterprises leveraging these resources and realizing their full potential is a demanding job role these days. Among IT professionals and organization both such credentials are highly sought-after.

    Some of the most popular cloud service providers are Microsoft Azure and AWS technologies.

    Both these technologies have worked for bringing super-powers in the hands of experts, making the organizational infrastructure more efficient and making data and network handling better. In a way, giving mankind, a better world to live in (just like the superheroes in this blog).

    In the game of superiority both have their own rights and reigns. Let us find who is at the top?

    aws vs azure certification

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    To attain a better perspective, it is better to have a deeper look into both the technologies and determine their range. We need to determine multiple factors such as cloud storage, pricing, data transfer, usability, storage, pricing, open source integration, and flexibility.

    As the clouds are reaching new levels every day starting from elementary schools to professional level education and utilized in our everyday lives, their reigns in the modern world are needed to be told.

    Let us figure out who should get acclaimed

    Let’s begin at the very beginning!

    Starting from the origin of AWS

    Amazon, the most influential force, re-examined their development platforms once, as they were serving its third-party clients. So, they realized that over the years they created a huge mess of their IT infra, as various teams were working independently and performing the same tasks, maybe without taking into account the efficiency levels.

    So, while trying to improve their working structure the team detangled and replaced it with well-documented APIs. Later, the professionals realized that they had the skills to operate, effective and execute scalable data-centers. Hence, how it all started.

    It can be acclaimed that AWS is the world’s pioneer and one of the leaders in providing cloud solutions and offer IT infrastructure solutions to its clients for companies of all sizes.

    Some of the recognized companies who use AWS are Netflix, Expedia, Spotify, Ubisoft, and many others.

    It is undoubtedly, a highly customizable and complex platform which do wonders for the companies who run on non-Windows Services primarily.

    When a newbie dethrones you.

    The Cloud Reign of AWS

    In the battle of superiority and superpowers, AWS has an unprecedented upper hand, as it was launched in 2002, till its earlier competitor arrived in 2009.

    Microsoft didn’t arrive until 2010 in the cloud market, believing that cloud infrastructure was just a trend and will soon fade away.

    However, after the rise of Amazon, Microsoft had to catch up quickly.

    So, when Azure first launched, it had to go through many challenges as compared to AWS as it was already reigning for 7 years (approx.) and has more strength (capital and infrastructure). And had more scalable services than Azure did.

    Additionally, Amazon had the capacity to add more servers to their cloud infrastructure and can make better use of the economies of scale than Azure could do. Hence, it was a major setback for the industry leader Microsoft!

    Microsoft was dethroned as the leader in software infrastructure by a new kid on the block.

    And the Tables Turned! Azure’s Redemption.

    Time change and so changed the status of Azure. Microsoft was swift in revamping its cloud offerings and supported a plethora of programming languages and operating systems and made it more scalable and collaborated with Linux.

    Currently, Microsoft Azure is one of the leading cloud providers in the world.

    Both Superpowers making it a better place for all.

    Both the technologies have been contributing to the welfare of the society in their own unique ways.

    For example:

    While the AWS platform is used in NASA in making huge repositories of videos, pictures and audio files easily discoverable in one centralized location and giving access to galaxies.

    Microsoft Azure IoT Suite was used to create the Weka Smart Fridge which keeps vaccinations properly stored. Azure is also used in finding solutions to the world’s impending freshwater crisis.

    AWS Vs Azure: Market Share and Rigorous Expansion

    Both the technologies are an elite member of the Cloud domain in the present scenario. Both are striving to attain the larger piece of the pie and ruling the domain.

    If we see the current Market Share of each of these technologies we will find that while AWS is featuring 47.1 percent, Azure’s market share didn’t rise above 10 percent.

    Although the Market Share is low for Microsoft; still the revenue for Q4 of AWS was $3.66 billion, while for Azure was $6.9 billion, due to Microsoft Azure and Office division.

    In recent reports, it is seen that Azure grew over 90% which is double the growth rate of AWS.

    AWS vs Azure Certification Demand

    Both technologies come with their own advantages and disadvantages and both are the top players in the cloud technology domain. In their own ways, both have interesting things to offer. Now, to understand which certification is best to pursue, we need to narrow it further down and evaluate the benefits of each certification is pertinent.

    Benefits of AWS Certification

    Benefits of Azure Certification

    AWS is the largest Cloud Computing Service Provider in the world currently.

    Azure is attached to the Microsoft brand providing an added advantage to the candidates with in-house data platforms.

    AWS credentials are in-demand due to the additional marketability because of the number of companies using the platform.

    Azure is used by 55 % of all Fortune 500 companies and it enhances your chance of getting in one of these companies.

    The certification allows you to access AWS Certified LinkedIn Community and other AWS certified pros.

    About 365,000 companies adopt Azure every year increasing demand of the certified pros.

    The Verdict:

    Both the AWS and Azure technologies are reliable, adaptable and deliver the best that cloud technology can offer, making human life much easier just like the superheroes.

    These technologies understand and adapt to our needs and lend support to governments and companies; hence, in a way, solve many social and logistical problems.

    AWS & Azure both have revolutionized the way industries worked without having to spend millions extra. Cloud systems made it possible for companies such as - Facebook, Salesforce, Uber to exist, that we cherish using today. In terms of demand, and catering to the needs both are equally good and hence the matter of preference is extremely subjective.

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