[AWS Benefits] Winning Benefits of AWS Certification
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    [AWS Benefits] Winning Benefits of AWS Certification

    Devarpita Pathak | Nov 29, 2018 | 4173 Views | 0 Comments
    [AWS Benefits] Winning Benefits of AWS Certification

    These days most IT professionals are craving to opt for the most influential Cloud computing career. So, the first technology that crosses one’s mind is the most in-demand certification among IT professionals across the globe: AWS (Amazon Web Services). By the virtue, of being one of the most sought-after credentials in the IT industry worldwide. The certification and training in AWS technology is the most popular program that professionals are seeking for.

    Let’s read a few interesting stuff about AWS technology, here:

    Amazon Web Services started their certification programs in 2013 and only in past few years the certifications have become one of the best assets that you can have if you want to boost your career. As per the ‘IT Skills and Salary Survey’ on salaries of a few years ago, careers of AWS certified professionals have been increased by 10% vis-a-vis the previous year. AWS is considered one of the top paying certifications in recent years.

     And when you strive to attain the AWS certification you have to go through training prep which includes strong and dedicated study and strong conceptual knowledge of AWS platform with hands-on exposure on an everyday basis, and practice is what makes it more valued in your job role.

    aws global payscale

    It is highly in-demand in the industry due to another reason, which is that you are required to keep up with the industry at all times and hence need to take recertification every 2 years, which definitely pushes professionals to keep abreast with the latest in the industry.

    AWS Benefits: There are a lot of benefits of AWS certification for both the IT professionals and enterprises:

    1. Increase in Salary: The average salary of an AWS certified professionals is between $119,143 and $130,284 as per the recent data. It is constantly increasing and has gone up to 10% since last year. It is expected to grow further with the rising demands in the market. If you calculate your current salary and the difference it will help you decide whether or not it is worth your effort.

    2. aws salary graph

    3. Demand in the job market: With AWS market share increasing and the percentage growth of revenue is increasing, the demand for skilled technicians expert in the system will be in the rise. So, you will be among one of those who will be desirable in the coming time.

    4. Latest knowledge of the domain: While striving to achieve the certification or keeping abreast with the domain you always stay up-to-date. Since you are also required to maintain the certification, with the assistance of bi-yearly checkpoints you need to take. In case, you want to go one step further, you can always qualify for another certification and be one of the very few AWS qualified professional.

    5. You appear sincere to your career: Certifications and that too the latest ones show that you are serious to your career and reflect your sincerity to peers, employers, and community members. This means that you are considered good for business. It is one of your traits that shows others that you are a pro and you take your job seriously.

    6. aws course module

    7. AWS Certification demonstrates commitment: When you demonstrate in acquiring new knowledge, you are committed to your domain and it reflects that you will be dedicated to taking care of the project you are working on. So, those you are working for and colleagues, and partners, must see the kind of professionals they are working with.  

    8. Open doors to new avenues: This is one of the high in-demand profiles in the job market and hence you may choose from a particular niche where you wish to work. Obtaining a certification means an entirely new world that you can aim for.

    9. Boost your self-esteem: Self-esteem is often a factor that takes you places and gives you happiness from within which is of utmost priority when you need to progress in professional and personal space. AWS Certification gets you recruiters head-hunting, which shows how your skills are in-demand. This is sure to boost your self-confidence to move ahead in your life. So, it is a driving force to push you forward.

    10. Member of  AWS Community: By using AWs you are already a member of the AWS community. And you go one step further making the community stronger. Besides, specific symbols always represent a particular level of knowledge and expertise which certainly gives a certain credibility in the community.

    11. aws certification payscale

    12. Emerging Networking Opportunities: AWS certification always get like-minded people to interact with and attain professional insights. It offers you the chance to expand your network and meet experts from across the globe.

    13. Proves that you are the total tech-enthusiast: AWS certification showcase that you have the skills that only a total technology enthusiast can achieve because of the interest and dedication to the field. So, it proves that you have a flair to learn and zest to know about your subject.

    So, bottom-line is AWS Certifications are extremely high in-demand in the industry and upon completing your certification you get to benefit more than your peers, earn handsomely and attain recognition. Go for it!

    mercury solutions training calender

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