Why Get an Oracle Certification

    Why Get an Oracle Certification

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    Why Get an Oracle Certification

    Discover the Competitive Advantages of Oracle Certification


    Oracle, the enterprise software company offers certification courses to advance the career in IT domain. The credentials of Oracle certifications are valid across all industries and organization.


    Thus, enhances the job opportunities for the aspiring candidates and helps to get them placed in esteemed companies.   


    The Oracle certificate provides a significant benchmark of proficiency and experience. The certification program features three levels of Oracle credentials in disciplines like database administration and application development.


    Accordingly, the levels of certification includes


    • Oracle Certified Associate [OCA]
    • Oracle Certified Professional [OCP]
    • Oracle Certified Master [OCM]


    In addition, there are Oracle Specialist [OCS] and Expert-level [OCE] Certifications for certain select Oracle technologies.


    The investment in earning Oracle certification seems to be a wise step as one may gain a competitive advantage in developing the skill set. Any of the Oracle certification holders would report a promotion, hiked salary, or other related career improvements.

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    Let us look into the benefits of earning Oracle certifications at individual, organization, and levels of  certification.




    The skills and knowledge gained by certification lead to confidence and career security. The expanded skill set makes the individual available for opportunities with potential employers. It gives a better understanding and communication of the technology stack.


    Competitive Edge:

    In this competitive world, the learned technologies and skills of Oracle makes a better technologist. The knowledge enables to stand apart in the crowded job market. One can increase the skills for the present or the future job.


    Career Growth:

    97% of the global Fortune 500 companies use Oracle software.

    The certification enables the candidate with the demanding skills and thus become a marketable candidate. It leads to improved standards of service and technology.

    7 Benefits of Oracle Certifications You should know [UPDATED]  


    The candidates with Oracle certification get a better salary or increased compensation from the existing salary as compared to non-certified ones. Moreover, it gives the promotion prospects for the certified candidates.




    “Certification gives Quovera a competitive edge with our clients and allows individuals to expand their horizons. It allows them to focus on particular technologies and become experts. ”

    Peter koletzke, Technical Director


    Improved performance and staff retention:

    Obviously, the candidates with higher skill set would perform better. The process of repeated hiring is curtailed to least number/nil as the certifications are beneficial and provide value to the company.


    Increased productivity:

    Proficient employees mean increased productivity. It helps to retain the existing customers and gain new customers. Quality service in lesser time earns the trust of the clients and leads to increased ROI.

    Stand apart from peer group:

    The businesses become a go-to expert in the field. The businesses are able to provide next-generation solutions with optimized operations. It increases the client-inflow as they are assured that the project is handled by experts.


    Asset for the organization:

    The organization is able to accept more challenging projects. The certifications add value to the organization’s professional profile too. The quality deliverables enhance the reputation of the company and build business.




    A certification with Oracle increases the technical competency. Accordingly, the job roles change in the career prospects.


    • Oracle Database Administrator may avail jobs in platforms like financial organizations, IT companies, Hospitals, Central government, Universities and academic institutions, or the Management consultancy firms.
    • Oracle Application Developers are entrusted with the job profile like Database Analysts; Designers or Administrators; Computer Programmers; Network Administrators; Systems Administrators; Web Administrators, and Web Developers.
    • Instructional coordinators are expected to research, develop, and implement instructional materials for training purpose. They are entitled to access the concerned educational programs in order to meet the set standards and the quality.


    Apart from all these mentioned benefits, the value-added benefits include:

    • Use of Oracle® Certified Professional logo for endorsement
    • Special and specific discounts and other offers
    • Gain access to the members-only website
    • Secure access to CertView Certification Portal
    • Access to Cloud-based employment
    • Fulfill Oracle Partner Network Company Membership level requirements

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