(Infographics) Top 11 IT Certifications in Demand today 2018

    (Infographics) Top 11 IT Certifications in Demand today 2018

    Asha Devi N D | Apr 12, 2018 | 787 Views | 1 Comments
    (Infographics) Top 11 IT Certifications in Demand today 2018

    Did you know that more than half of the employees [54%] experienced benefit from IT certification within the first three months and the employers acknowledge that their investment on IT certification to their staff has witnessed substantial business benefits?   

    i.e., IT Certifications meet the required competence to the businesses and the professionals as well.

    Enhance Your Marketability & Reputation. Invest in IT Certifications for:

    • Adherence to the Evolving Technology
    • Increase the Performance
    • Close the Skill-gap
    • Become Competent for Business/Promotion

    top it certifications in 2018

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    Thus, depending on the career profile and skill set, you may plan to pursue the certifications that is apt among these mentioned ones.

    For instance, if you are on the management track, PMP could be considered, or if you are on cybersecurity track, you may consider its related courses, and so forth.

    This infographic is an effort towards helping you to choose the most in-demand IT certifications that would help to climb the career ladder faster.

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