17 Best Computer Programming Language to Learn in 2021
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    17 Best Computer Programming Language to Learn in 2021

    Devarpita Pathak | Feb 28, 2019 | 2113 Views | 0 Comments
    17 Best Computer Programming Language to Learn in 2021

    With the increasing urge towards digitization, the trend of advancing career in computer science industry is booming. The demand for young and new talent to code high-tech web pages and applications is increasing. 

    Not to doubt the fact that the IT Industry is one of the highest paying industry in the world, it succeeds to attract young graduates each day to build a career in IT. Computer Programming is a flexible discipline that invites aspirants from multiple domains to join hands in creating an entirely new Digital World.

    A career in programming has become a self-regulating profession where professionals from non-CS background learn the art of coding as a result of their underlying passion towards programming. Not just one, but the champions coders excel in multiple computer programming languages to bring innovation and appraisal to their work.

    To make work easy for you, we have compiled a list of 17 Best Computer Programming Languages ranked according to their popularity index as calculated by TIOBE INDEX.

    Though the list is long, we have extracted

    17 Most Popular Computer Programming Languages of 2021  

    1.  JAVA

    Java stands out as an unchallenged leader in providing programming aids to individuals and corporates by way of its simplicity and dynamism of operations. Today Java is being used everywhere, from the smallest desktop computing activities to the big-data revolution. The fact that all the technical operations in the corporates are governed through this language is because of the deployment of the vast set of libraries, frameworks, and tools in the bundle of Java.

    2. C

    C is one of the oldest programming languages that form the basis of procedural programming. The reason why C still exists in the top list is due to its microscopic deployments made while coding with other languages. C language provides a robust platform to coders with its storehouse of built-in functions that help to write and complex program using the least memory as compared to other languages.

    3. C++

    C++ is an intermediate level language based on C that has qualities of high-level and low-level programming languages. Other than C that still tops popularity, C++ adds object-oriented programming foundations that provide a wider platform for maintenance and update purposes. Today C++ powers all Microsoft Windows versions including Windows 10 & Google Chrome.

    programming language cta

    4. C#

    C# is a modern-day object-oriented language that was developed by Microsoft initially to develop applications and increase productivity on Microsoft Platform. Today the language is gaining popularity due to its widespread scalability, type-safety and beginner friendliness to build easy to read and innovative applications on the .NET Framework. Though new to the programming world, C# still stands out as an independent, innovative, and a growing platform of coding easy to compile programs.

    5. PYTHON

    Python is one of the most dynamically coded languages that provides flexible and friendly platforms to beginners to code easy programming that is readable and carries a higher rate of error-free handling codes. The reason why Python is known for its simplicity is that it is as easy to read as the English Language. Due to the increasing importance of Big Data, Python tops its popularity to provide aids in data mining activities, desktop and web applications and scientific computing.


    Visual Basic.NET is the first and only visual development tool developed by Microsoft to create Web Services & Applications. Running completely on the .NET Framework, Visual Basic .NET is a purely object-oriented programming language that supports tools like abstraction, polymorphism, and aggregation etc. Unlike other languages like C, C++ etc., VB.NET is an easy to learn language that allows developers to build codes in a compatible and friendly graphical environment.

    7. PHP

    With the world moving from static to dynamic websites, PHP, a server-side technology has helped make lives easier for developers to deliver world-class highly responsive websites. PHP so far is the most popular scripting language that has provided web development aids including a plethora of advanced features which are easy to use, cost-efficient, supportable, platform independent, and secured.

    8. JavaScript

    Not to confuse it with Java which is an object-oriented programming language, the JavaScript is an object oriented scripting language, which unlike Java (that runs code on a virtual machine or browser) runs the code on a browser only. JavaScript is a client-side scripting language that provides advanced functions to provide user-friendliness that helps in easy navigation to the client. Not only this, coding with JavaScript can help to create interactive websites, achieve creative visual effects and add innovative graphical elements.


    Object Pascal is an object-oriented version of Pascal that is used in Delphi for developing the web and mobile applications. The Object Pascal is an enhanced version of Turbo Pascal that was developed by Apple to build the 1st Delphi Version. But due to limited features in Turbo Pascal, Object Pascal was developed with additional and advanced features that provide necessary aids in web development activities. Since then, Object Pascal has been observing increasing demand in the industry.

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    10. SWIFT

    3 Years ago when Apple developed its own programming language for iOS and OS X Developers, it vowed to out beat its native language Objective-C and today SWIFT counts in the list of Top 10 Most Popular languages on the TIOBE Index. Considering the newness of this language in the industry, it stands out to be user-friendly and easy to use language. All the mistakes and limitations accounted in Objective-C were worked and brought all corrections with the invention of Swift.

    11.  PERL

    Perl is a high-level, dynamically typed language that has its wide usage in text processing activities. Activating the internet would not have been possible without Perl and it was with the inaugural of World Wide Web that the demand for Perl widened. The language was among the top 3 languages in the year 2005 but has unfortunately dropped to the 11th position in the year 2017.

    12. RUBY

    Having its origination from Japan, Ruby was initially used only to make games. Ruby is a dynamically typed language that is flexible to use and provides easy to build features for programming with fewer errors. But at the same time, due to its dynamism, a large application coded on Ruby will invite more complexity and less track of errors to bring the desired result.


    Assembly Language is a high-level programming language that resides its space in manipulating hardware and addressing critical performance issues. Assembly language often abbreviated as ASM makes use of mnemonic codes to pass any machine instruction or directly talk to the CPU. Even after the advent of new high-level languages like C, C++, Python, Ruby etc., the importance of assembly language can never fade out because all programmers need to understand what the computer is doing.

    14. R

    With the big data revolution covering the space, the need for programming languages that access and perform statistical computing tasks is rising. R is an open source programming language specially designed for data miners and statisticians to simplify data analysis, statistical modeling, high-end graphics etc. Not only this but also R language allows integration with other languages and permits smooth communication between data sources of diverse platforms.


    , Unlike VB.NET which is an object-oriented language, Visual Basic, in particular, is a high-level programming language that was developed by Microsoft in 1987. The Visual Basic language provides aids in visual development such that in building GUI applications, and also programming complex applications that require the visual arrangement of components. The main object in a Visual Basic program is called a form. Through ease of GUI, the VB developers needn’t get exhausted as most of the program codes are automatically generated in a Visual Basic Program. Thus, learning and applying the concepts of Visual Basic is not a serious scientist tool.


    Objective-C is an object-oriented programming language that provides a set of development tools and a library of objects. This language was primarily used by Apple for programming in OS X and iOS operating systems. The Objective-C is a superset of the C language, which means that it is quite possible to compile C programs with the Objective-C compiler. Unlike the traditional C language, Objective-C provides object-oriented features like dynamic typing and binding, object graph management, dynamic run-time, expressive message syntaxes etc.

    17. GO

    From being under the list of Top 120 languages in 2015, GO has observed a rank rate to being among the Top 20 Languages in 2017. Go is an open source programming language that was created under the banner of Google in the year 2009 to resolve the problems encountered by existing programming languages and build a new language that is:

    • Productive
    • Readable
    • Statistically typed
    • Scalable
    • Supports multiprocessing and networking

    GO language has additional features of garbage collection, structural typing, memory safety, and concurrency. In a matter of 6 years, GO has provided programming aids to big-time projects promising a healthier future.


    Thus to conclude, we observe that programming is a dynamic division of study that requires integration of multiple languages to create a better version out of it. For an aspirant to the coding world, I will suggest you to gradually pick your scope from the basic languages and jump to more complex languages to become a champion of programming.

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