A Simple Guide to Citrix ShareFile Basics
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    A Simple Guide to Citrix ShareFile Basics

    Asha Devi N D | Jan 19, 2018 | 1320 Views | 0 Comments
    A Simple Guide to Citrix ShareFile Basics

    By Now, we are familiar with most of the significant products, Citrix. The exploration does not stop here.

    As we are heading towards the products one by one, we are able to easily confirm that Citrix drives innovation towards the importance of data access for a mobile user and the IT organization. ShareFile is one among the other beneficial products, wherein its features are delightful and supportive in meeting the IT objectives and user experience.

    Citrix ShareFile is a secure data sync and sharing service which facilitates the IT to mobilize their data across all the devices.

    In brief, with ShareFile, the team, partners or the clients of an organization are able to access, sync, and, secure the files on any of their devices from anywhere. ShareFile has advanced security features, flexible storage options, mobility features, and facilitate easy integration of the files to existing network shares.  

    Features of ShareFile:

    Security: It provides business-class security.

    A few of the reliable features include:

    • SOC2 and SSAE 16 audits for 3rd validated applications and datacenter management.
    • The encrypted form at rest and transit is of higher-level
    • Two-factor verification and single sign-on
    • Data storage at multiple locations
    • 99.9% uptime and disaster recovery centers
    • Individual files and folders management
    • Downloadable alerts and activity reports
    • Wipe-off lost devices at remote


    Easy to Use:

    • The files could be easily shared with the team members or the clients just by a click and tap.
    • There is no need for installing plugins or download the files.


    Technical Support: Initial help could be availed through

    • Live customer training
    • Public ShareFile webinars
    • Private one-on-one advanced training, or
    • Through the product adoption consultant


    Restriction-free ShareFile sharing:

    • Encrypted email messages
    • Automated conversion of attachments as secure ShareFile links.

    For instance: ShareFile plugins of Microsoft, Kloudless plugin of Gmail

    • Bypass the file-size restrictions in a secure manner
    • Eliminate the bounce-backs

    Access mobile securely:

    • Easily access any of the files anytime from anywhere.
    • ShareFile could be used on any of the operating systems like the Android, Windows, Blackberry or the iOS.
    • Moreover, it could be accessed through desktops and shared servers at the remote.
    • If a data is stolen or lost, the data could be wiped-off or locked at the remote.


    Data Sync:

    • The files could be synced automatically.
    • Sync instantly across all the connected devices.

    Collaborative workflow

    • Able to collect feedback on real-time
    • Files could be approved with simple clicks
    • Possess structured approval process
    • Get access to industry-specific workflows

    Reduced turnaround time:

    • Paperwork could be streamlined through electronic signatures.
    • Simplified contract leading to enhanced productivity.

    Tools integration:

    • Support business policies, regulations, or the practices by availing solutions
    • Streamline feedback approvals
    • Address the archiving or the reporting needs
    • Integrate existing tools easily like MS office 365, Worldox, Gmail, and, etc.


    In addition to these features, there are other features like folder templates, click trials, desktop widget, text search, user management tool, and, etc.


    ShareFile Architecture/Components:

    The ShareFile comprises mainly of two components. They are

    • ShareFile Control Plane.
    • Citrix-managed or customer-managed Storage zones.

    The client is able to avail access to the data service via any of his devices like the mobile, desktop, web or mobile browser, and also even through ShareFile API.

    Control Plane: It is hosted on Citrix data centers and performs several functions like user verification, access control, brokering, reporting, and, etc.

    The components of the Control plane includes the following:

    • SSL Web Application servers for ShareFile web interface/web portal access
    • SSL web API server for the client devices
    • Clustered database for information storage and access
    • NetScaler Appliances for load balancing for traffic and request


    ShareFile StorageZones:

    The administrators are able to opt either customer-managed StorageZones and/or Citrix-managed cloud storage.  

    Citrix-managed StorageZones: The customers may opt for Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. The components like the ShareFile Storage Center and the utility servers are managed by the Citrix.

    Citrix managed StorageZones

    Image Source:


    Customer-managed StorageZones: It is integrated with the existing infrastructure of the organization and supports Microsoft Azure’s binary large object storage, Internet File System [CIFS]-based network share, or the Amazon Simple Storage Service.


    Customer-managed StorageZones

    Image Source:


    StorageZone Connector: The mobile users are able to get connected with the ShareFile data, existing network shares, or the document libraries. And, the mobile editing capabilities enable to achieve enhanced productivity.

    StorageZone Controller: It is the web front-end for the StorageZone storage repository used to handle HTTPS operations and the control subsystem.

    DMZ Deployment: It is recommended to have NetScaler in order to load balance and verify data requests in the customer’s data center.

    Secure Architecture: Citrix managed ShareFile servers are SSAE 16 certified. The servers are protected by a firewall, updated regularly, possess 256-bit SSL encryption, and stores with AES 256-bit encryption while at rest.

    Benefits of Using ShareFile:

    Employee mobility, global and dispersed workforce, work shift, or the bringing of own devices have contributed to the necessity of sharing the data securely with the employees, customers, partners, third-party owners. The businesses must protect the data and meet the regulatory compliance requirements.

    ShareFile comes to their rescue. The benefits of using ShareFile includes:

    • Secure and instant access to the corporate data either online or offline
    • Mobilize the data from wherever it is stored
    • Access data from the point of storage, i.e., either on-premises, cloud or both
    • Able to sync, share, and collaborate the data from anywhere
    • Protect the data and manage the IT
    • Possess integrated mobile apps, data, and the desktop

    Use Case:

    ShareFile enabled our mobile workforce the ability to access files anywhere, from any device. The mobility piece is especially huge for our healthcare and finance customers.

    - Les Archuleta, CEO

    Platinum Technology


    Platinum Technology is a managed service provider that offers live technical helpdesk support, computer support, consultation for local businesses and so forth. The firm extended their IT service portfolio by adopting Citrix ShareFile and addressing their client challenges.

    The ShareFile helped their clients to solve the DropBox issues, and were able to secure their data in adherence to HIPAA and GLBA compliance standards.

    They were able to provide mobile solutions for their clients as needed enabling them to get access to the existing network shares, corporate data, or other data repositories outside the office premises.

    The business process was simplified as there is flexibility in selecting the data from their storage zone as in on-premises and/or cloud.

    The firm was able to develop, brand, market, and sell additional IT services as ShareFile meets the data security and compliance requirements.


    Citrix ShareFile is recommended for mobile workforce and meeting user demands in a more secure and faster manner.

    It is recommended to have Citrix ShareFile to

    • Gain service features that the users expect
    • Enable mobile workstyles
    • Enable effortless data access from anywhere
    • Offline and online secure access to data
    • Flexible storage options
    • Managed data sharing
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