EC-Council Certification Path to Follow
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    EC-Council Certification Path to Follow

    Asha Devi N D | Dec 06, 2017 | 5498 Views | 2 Comments
    EC-Council Certification Path to Follow

    Moving to “Digital India”, we are facing scarcity in Cyber Security Professionals.

    Eventually, the salaries offered has been increased to 25-35% in the past year especially for the Cyber Security Professionals at the leadership level.


    And, Narendra Modi, our honorable Prime Minister of India anticipates to “Grow the Indian Cyber Security Products and Services Industry to USD 35 billion, create 1 million cybersecurity jobs and 1000 cybersecurity startups by 2025”.


    Rightly, this is the time for the IT professionals to advance their skills and expertise in order to be on pace with the changing scenario. There is the need to validate their IT Security Skills with EC-Council Certifications.


    Well, The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants (EC-Council) is a professional organization headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The organization is recognized as the leader in information security education, training, and certification across the globe.

    And, the certification program organized by them focus towards vendor-neutral security certifications, covering the themes like ethical hacking, penetration testing, incident handling, and response.


    Let us know about the EC-Council Certification Path and acknowledge the same so as to master the cybersecurity zone.


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    1. Certified Secure Computer User [CSCU]:

    The program provides the individuals with the adequate knowledge and skills to protect the information assets. The classes will help them to acquire fundamental knowledge of computer and network security threats like credit card fraud, identity theft, and, etc.



    2. EC-Council Encryption Specialist [ECES]:

    The program helps the students and professionals to gain an insight into cryptography, learn about symmetric and key cryptography, algorithm details such as Feistel networks, DES, AES, and other related topics.


    3. EC-Council Security Specialist [ECSS]:

    The course mainly deals with the information security, network security, and computer forensics. It enhances the IT skills of the candidates in an efficient manner to handle security issues.  


    4. Certified Network Defender [CND]:

    The course helps to have a fundamental understanding and hands-on ability to work on network defense, comprehend the data transfer construct, network technologies, and software technologies.

    5. Certified Ethical Hacker [CEH]:

    The course establishes and governs the minimum standards in ethical hacking from a vendor-neutral perspective. The professional uses the same knowledge of a malicious hacker to know the vulnerabilities and mitigate risk in a lawful manner.  

    6. EC-Council Certified Security Analyst [ECSA]:

    It teaches how to apply the skills learned in CEH. The candidate is able to test modern infrastructures, operating systems, and the application environments through EC-Council"s published penetration testing methodology.

    7. Certified Network Defense Architect [CNDA]:

    The course is designed for the government agencies across the world. Though the exam content is same as that of CEH, it is not open to all and is offered only to the selected government agencies


    8. Licensed Penetration Tester[LPT]:

    The LPT master is able to perform advanced techniques and attacks in order to identify SQL injection, cross-site scripting [XSS], LFI, RFI vulnerabilities of web applications, and authorized to submit professional and industry accepted the report.

    9. Advanced Penetration Testing[CAST 611]:

    It facilitates personalized advanced security courses, ensures flexibility in logistics, dates, and cost issues as per the requisites of the individual or the company. It enhances the staff efficiency and assures improved productivity.  

    10. Advanced Securing Windows Infrastructure[CAST 616]:

    The course mainly focuses on the Windows infrastructure security and employ the best practices. It secures interconnected information system through a holistic reliable framework.  

    411. Advanced Mobile Forensics and Security [CAST 612]: 4

    The course envelopes the intricacies of the manual acquisition and advanced analysis through reverse engineering. It helps the candidate to defend common attacks and exploits.

    12. Advanced Hacking Hardening Corporate Web Apps[CAST 613]:

    Though the course is mainly designed for developers, any IT personnel can make it. They are exposed to the know-how of their website/app getting hacked through their codes and keeps them updated with the latest security threats.

    13. Advanced Network Defense[CAST 614]:

    The course enables the candidate to evaluate advanced hacking methods, establish the best practices and methodologies insecurity. It provides the segmentation, isolation and thereby reduce the effects of threats.   


    14. Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator [CHFI]:

    The certification strengthens the defensive ability and application knowledge of the law enforcement personnel, military personnel, and other security personnel for the integrity of network infrastructure.

    15. EC-Council Certified Incident Handler[ECIH]:

    The course provides the fundamental skills necessary to handle and respond to the computer security incidents. It qualifies the candidate as the industry accepted incident handler, risk administrator, pen tester, and, etc.

    16. EC-Council Certified Secure Programmer Java [ECSP]:

    The software developers are anticipated to know the best and secure practices of coding. This course enables the programmers to defend against web application attacks.   

    17. EC-Council Certified Secure Programmer.Net [ECSP.Net]:

    The course throws light on the possible security threats to .Net framework. It enables the developers to identify the security flaws throughout the software development lifecycle and implement secure countermeasures.

    18. EC-Council Disaster Recovery Professional[EDRP]:

    The certification educates and validates the candidate"s ability and skill to make a plan, strategize, implement, and maintain business with disaster recovery plan.


    19. Certified Chief Information Security Officer[CCISO]:

    The CCISO certification is the industry-leading program. It recommends and recognizes the needed experience so as to succeed at the higher executive level of Information security.


    20. Graduate, Post-graduate and Graduate Certificate Program:

    Apart from the mentioned certification programs, the EC-Council University also provides graduate course [BSCS], post-graduate course[MSCS], and graduate certificate program[GCP] enabling the candidates to become the security leaders of tomorrow.

    Moving further, let us know in brief about EC-Council career path and the anticipated salary for the certified individual.


    EC-Council Career Path:



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    EC-Council Certification Salaries:

    The average salaries for EC-Council certified professionals are as follows.

    • ENSA: Network Security Administrator salary: $85,000
    • CEH: Certified Ethical Hacker salary: $89,000
    • ECSA: Certified Security Analyst salary: $90,000
    • LPT: Licensed Penetration Tester salary: $92,000
    • CHFI: Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator salary: $96,000

    Salary by EC-Council Certificate (USA)



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