How to Become An Information Security Architect? [Updated]
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    How to Become An Information Security Architect? [Updated]

    Asha Devi N D | Apr 02, 2018 | 1221 Views | 0 Comments
    How to Become An Information Security Architect? [Updated]

    A security architect plays an important role in the IT Department. A security architect may have to design the systems, manage the employees, and evolve the security needs. Moreover, you must be updated with the latest industry trends, able to upgrade system as and when required, may have to manage the other managers and implement protocols for system integrity.

    Information Security career is one of the promising careers, owing to its widespread demand in the industry, both in India and outside India.

    The ever-rising incidents of cyber crimes and malicious activities pose a threat to your confidential information and company"s data. Evidently, more organizations are looking forward to increasing the number of information security professionals and IT security experts in their talent pool.

    With increasing demands among hiring managers, information security as a career is gaining real popularity among IT professionals. One of the supreme levels of skills and positions, in information security domain, is held by Information Security Architect or a consultant.

    This write-up will equip you with all the information needed to become an Information Security Architect or how to become an Information Security consultant.

    Firstly, let us find out the actual KRAs of Information Security Architect that is mandatory to become an Information Security Architect.

    Duties to perform:

    • A Security Architect is a senior level employee, whose main responsibility is to create a complex security structure and to ensure that it works. They are required to stay abreast in the technologies and current developments in this domain.
    • They need to anticipate the unauthorized access made by a hacker. This being the main part of their job, these professionals are trained to think like hackers.
    • Sometimes they might also need to work till late and perform beyond the ‘call of duty’.
    • It is said that the best security architects are those professionals who innately have a hackers’ mind which makes them more skillful in their occupation.
    • Understanding the computer systems of the organization and its vulnerabilities is mandatory in order to become an Information Security Architect, as they need to oversee and provide recommendations for improvement and update the security infrastructure.
    • As a Security Architect, you need to give countermeasures to develop and protect systems when as an unauthorized user tries and gain access.


    Key Responsibility Areas as an Information Security Architect:

    • For company’s project, a Security Architect needs to plan, research and design a robust security architecture.
    • A thorough understanding of the organization’s technology and information systems is anticipated.
    • Able to perform vulnerability testing on its own, analyses risk and perform security assessments.
    • Research security systems, standards, and authentication protocols.
    • Generate need and requirements for WANs, LANs VPNs, firewalls, routers and other network devices and resources.
    • Able to design public key infrastructure (PKI), CAs (certification authorities) and digital signatures.
    • The professional needs are prepared with cost estimates and identify integration issues.
    • Approve installation of VCP, firewall, routers, IDS scanning technologies and server.
    • Able to test final security structures ensuring if they behave as expected
    • Define, maintain, and implement corporate policies and procedures.
    • Provide supervision in tech terms and guide security team.
    • Security aware and educational program among the workforce.
    • Able to provide quick response to security-related incidents and provide thorough post-event analysis.

    Recommended Learning to become an Information Security Architect:

    The candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in computer or its equivalent. It should be followed by required certifications and experience in security, business, and disaster recovery. Some of the favored certifications for the post include:

    • CISSP: Certified Information Systems Security Professional
    • ITIL Foundation
    • CompTIA Cloud+
    • CompTIA Cloud Essentials
    • CCNA/CCNP Routing & Switching
    • CISM: Certified Information Security Manager
    • MySQL and PHP Fundamentals
    • CISO: Chief Information Security Officer
    • CEH: Certified Ethical Hacker
    • GIAC Security Certifications

    Career Path:

    The roadmap to becoming an Information Security Architect is depicted below:

    Entry-level Security Positions:

    • Security Administrator/Network Administrator/System Administrator.

    Intermediate-level Security Positions:

    • Security Analyst/Security Engineer/Security Consultant

    Once the title has been achieved, one can stay in the position or get promoted to Senior Architect or the Chief Security Architect.

    One can further up the career ladder by becoming a CISO.


    The average pay for a Security Architect, IT is Rs.1,700,000 per annum. [PayScale]

    Varied Designations:

     As a security architect, one may take up the designation as:

    • Information Technology Architect
    • Information Systems Security Architect
    • Enterprise Information Security Architect

    Closing Thoughts: 

    Being responsible for the security of a firm, a security architect is expected to think like a hacker, anticipate the tactics and movements of an unauthorized access, and manage the overall security system.

    Responsibility and commitment, being the main focus call for time beyond the duty. Moreover, certain industries like the healthcare require unique requirements that have to be addressed in the job description.

    And, it is necessary to maintain the staff morale, inspire for novel solutions, comfortable in taking up the mentor roles and be ready to help the employees any time.

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