[INFOGRAPHICS] How to start a Career as a Database Administrator?
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    [INFOGRAPHICS] How to start a Career as a Database Administrator?

    Asha Devi N D | May 04, 2018 | 1413 Views | 0 Comments
    [INFOGRAPHICS] How to start a Career as a Database Administrator?

    Most of the companies today are moving their operations online and as such businesses are becoming data-driven today. One of the factor that could be attributed to this rapid shift is that database provides consistent and easy to access source for the data relevant to company’s daily operations. The business heads, engineers, or the salesperson are able to receive with the right data all the time as they need.

    Here comes the role of the database administrator [DBA], as DBA is the sole person who manages, backup and ensures the availability of data from quintillion bytes of data.

    Let us understand the profile of a DBA and how to grab this in-demand post.

    Data is The Driver of the Information Age," says Craig S. Mullins


    Data storage is the main feature of all the businesses. And this DATA has landscape complexibility, limits of scalability, surging volume forever, security, decentralized management, and more. It is necessary to collect, manipulate, and utilize these data in a systematic and distributed manner.

    Rightly, the Database Administrator plays the crucial role in administering the produced and consumed data of the organization. And, the DBA profile is popular in several industries, corporate companies, and the government offices. Evidently, the demand for the professionals is increasing.

    Let us understand about this in-demand profession and how to become a database administrator?  

    How to Start with?

    As a first step and the known fact, a graduation in computer science or Information Technology is the deal. Because, during the course of graduation, the candidate is introduced into the data related topics like database systems, structure of the data, data communications with an insight into training.

    Further, if the professional takes up a Master’s degree in the field of database management or technologies, it is highly appreciable. During the post-graduation period, the candidate is exposed to data mining, security, performance tuning, and backup of data.

    Apart from being a graduate, earning the IT certifications that enhance the skills of the database administration is recommended.

    A few of the popular certifications that enhances the IT Skills are mentioned below.

    A] Oracle Certifications:

    The Oracle Database technology is employed by about 305,000 companies and it stands as the number one database in the world. It is known that about 97% of the global fortune 500 companies utilize Oracle Technology.

    Thus earning the Oracle certification places you in a highly respectable position in the career. Earning the Oracle 11g Database Administration Associate certification enables you to challenge the real-world scenario-based situations, capabilities for Linux, UNIX, and Windows operating systems. It expands the prospects of the job, promotes the stability of the job, and helps you climb the career ladder at a faster rate.

    B] Microsoft Certifications:

    Microsoft Technology is another popular one deployed by several companies.

    The MCSA: SQL 2016 Database administration certification demonstrate the skills to install, configure, maintain, task provisioning of the database.

    The MCSE: Data Platform is specially designed for the database professionals who are able to build the enterprise-scale data solutions in the cloud or on-premises environment.

    The MCSE: Business Intelligence is meant for database professionals who are able to develop and deploy business intelligence solutions and reports.

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    C] IBM Certifications:

    The IBM, one of the leader in database market offers the best database credentials namely Database Associate, Database Administrator, Advanced Database Administrator, Solutions Developer, and more.

    D] Apart from these popular certifications, there are others that are specific to the type of data namely Cassandra and MongoDB.

    How to Start Your Career as A DBA?

    Initially, you may start your career as the data analysts or the database developer. According to the profile, you will be able to accommodate information and analyze the efficiency of the database in real time.

    In most of the cases, you may have to serve as general IT support or the system administrator to get entrusted with the organization’s data.

    Apart from these initial career roles, the advanced career roles include:

    • Database Administrator
    • SQL Server Database Administrator
    • MySQL Database Administrator
    • IBM DB2 Database Administrator
    • Oracle Database Administrator
    • PeopleSoft Database Administrator
    • Senior SQL Database Administrator
    • Senior Oracle Database Administrator
    • Oracle Applications Specialist DBA
    • Database Administration Team Leader

    What are the Key Responsibilities of the Database Administrator?

    • Installation and configuration of the database
    • Creation of users and its maintenance
    • Performance tuning and optimization
    • Transformation and Loading
    • Data security, reporting, and querying
    • Recovery of lost data
    • Maintain the standard by regular updates

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    Average Median Salary of a DBA:

    The average salary for a DBA is $71,429 Per Year; $14.32-$53.41 Per Hour [PayScale]

    What would be the Future of Database Administrator’s Role?

    Being a DBA, if you consider the most probable challenges in the upcoming years, it is anticipated that getting familiar with cloud vendor tools is essential.

    The database admin role would be highly influenced by the technologies like Cloud, Big data, NoSQL, Hadoop, Artificial Intelligence, and more. Accordingly, the role of DBAs will become more sensitive as they would be involved in managing more databases, shrink the IT budgets, get involved in other areas, incorporation of database infrastructure, and more as mentioned below.  

    A sneak peek into the thought challenges for the next three years!


    A. Impact of Cloud Technology Trends

    • Cloud 74%
    • Big Data 49%
    • Automation 36%
    • NoSQL 25%
    • Virtualization 24%
    • Hadoop 21%
    • Agile development 18%
    • Artificial intelligence 18%
    • High availability 15%
    • IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) 14%
    • Consolidation 12%

    B. Database Administrator’s Role

    • Manage more databases per DBA 51%
    • Manage new, nonrelational technologies 40%
    • Shrinking IT budgets 32%
    • The lack of trained personnel 27%
    • Shrinking IT staffs 25%
    • Get involved in other IT areas 21%
    • Database management tools 20%
    • The need to train more users 9%

    C. Database Infrastructure

    • Incorporating cloud technologies 51%
    • Automating tasks associated with DBM 41%
    • Incorporating non-relational data management technologies 31%
    • Improving overall system performance 30%
    • Making data available to more stakeholders 28%
    • Increased complexity (heterogeneity) 24%
    • Increasing overall system capacity 22%

    To wrap up, the DBAs are anticipated to play a significant role in incorporating technology. Their role is greatly influenced to move the database into the cloud and bring automation in the business sector.

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