9 Future Project Management Trends 2018- Mercury Solutions

    9 Future Project Management Trends 2018- Mercury Solutions

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    9 Future Project Management Trends 2018- Mercury Solutions

    Increasing the productivity is the main goal for the project managers from the day zero. In brief, delivering the projects on time and in an efficient manner is the goal and remains the same even in 2018 or years after.

    Though the trends or the tools may change, it carries the same goal.

    The project managers are expected to position their success with the evolution of project management discipline as they are the lead foot of the company projects, in turn, the trust and revenue of the firm.

    Let us see how.  

    Project Management Institute, Inc. [PMI] defines project management as "the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to a broad range of activities in order to meet the requirements of a particular project."

    Accordingly, it is expected that the project managers must be aware of the industry trends and ascertain its incorporation into the project deals. In brief, it is expected that the project management professionals incorporate the evolving technology and tools as the best practices in the upcoming projects.

    They are bound to redefine their methodologies towards project success in accordance with the evolving technologies and its contextual incorporation.


    It is anticipated that the seemingly impactful trends would get more pronounced and certain trends would promise a new influence in the way we work.

    Artificial Intelligence [AI]:

    Though Artificial Intelligence is not a new terminology, its impact is getting more ingrained in every discipline of today. In the year 2017, we have witnessed its positive influence in the consumer and games zone.

    The technologies like the Apple’s Siri, Google’s Home and etc., have made its footprint in our home successfully. Among these, we find other applications too that are going to make an influence in the project management arena too.

    It is expected that AI would influence the productivity towards a higher ratio as compared to present status. The main reason that could be attributed to, is that it interacts with the resources, provides the insights and suggestions so as to add efficiency. Further, it centralizes the data which is accessible to all.

    This would dramatically reduce the time for tasks and the project managers will have ample time to add on new innovative methodologies towards the success line.

    Robots will soon automate 80 percent of repetitive tasks done by people, which will free people to utilize their brains for work that requires creativity and innovation”.

    Karl Flinders, Computer Weekly Journalist.

    Wearable Technology:

    It is predicted that the wearable technology would streamline the day-to-day tasks related to project. The time spent by the team members, the progress of the task, and other related data could be collected virtually. The complete and accurate data helps the project manager to make necessary changes in the timeline and methodologies as required to bring out the best from the teammates regarding project success.

    The recent study conducted by the Research and Markets concludes that Productivity and efficiency in industrial sectors are enhanced by the wearable technology. It is anticipated that the error rate of the teams would be reduced to a greater extent.

    Wearable technology


    Perfect Blend of Agile and Waterfall:

    Though agility was the new scenario in the recent years and disrupted the traditional delivery methodologies, it is proved that blending of the agile and waterfall methodologies delivers best results. It improves the project predictability and responds quickly to the feedback. The methodologies could be either used independently, coupled with or tweaked as the project demands. Thus, hybrid technologies would become more prominent in this year to handle larger projects.

    Thus, it is expected that the project manager is well-versed in the traditional waterfall and modern agile methodology as well and is more competent in implementing so.

    agile and waterfall

    Image Source:

    Emotional Intelligence:

    Of course, technology is taking the upper hand in managing projects in a swifter manner than ever before with less space for errors. Still, project management also refers to soft skills like the team building, collaboration, negotiation, and relationship management. Emotional intelligence plays the role here rather than the machines or the certifications.

    Though the desired certification is a recommended strategy while hiring the personnel, it is not the benchmark to hire a project management professional. The project managers or the personnel capable of operating complex environments, teams, people, and the resources, handle their emotions and perceive the people’s emotions as well must be encouraged to improve decision-making. In brief, skills must be emphasized rather than the certifications or the technologies.

    Adapt Change management and Project management:

    These two are closely related disciplines. The change management refers to equip and prepare the individuals for the expected/unexpected changes in the ongoing or the upcoming projects. As the project managers are expected to minimize the changes or the disruption in the project, resilient leadership is the call. A project manager having resilient leadership will be in demand to acknowledge the following project perspectives.

    • Expect the change of plans for a project.
    • Manage the plans as the project unfolds.
    • Assess the possible risks, identify and plan for the change.
    • Communicate frequently with the peer group and the stakeholders

    Adapt Change management and Project management

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    The use of dashboards would escalate and use more project management tools that are cloud-based will also come into the picture. Moreover, the wearable technology and the AI derived data has to be analyzed through human intervention.

    Though the machines could bring a huge amount of data and its related analysis, human interpretation is necessary for prudent decision-making. The project managers must be strong players who can extract the information from the machine learning and interpret it with a successful project objective.

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    Moving further, the concerns regarding security must be considered as the project goes online. The year 2017 is marked by data breaches and is expected to continue in the year 2018 too. A holistic approach and practice of data governance or the businesses is the need of the hour.

    There is every possibility that even the project managers play a convincing role to ensure that data is secure and compliant with the regulations and user privacy requirements. And, more formal regulations would be created to set a standard for detecting and preventing data breaches.

    Women’s role as Project Managers:

    Though we witness women playing the varied career roles effectively, the project management position still lacks in their number. However, it is expected that the number would be addressed effectively in this year. More and more women will land up in the executive positions regarding project management role.

    More work and remote teams:

    Workspace flexibility is becoming the norm for most of the businesses today. Use of distributed teams and/or the remote teams seems to be cheaper and productive. Thus, encouragement of flexibility in the workspace with the use of right tools is expected at its higher level.

    To continue further, it is anticipated that the employers will need 87.7 million individuals to work in project management oriented roles by 2027.  

    In this lane, the universities may churn out more degrees and certifications for the aspiring professionals to get enrolled and gain the required competency. And, there will be a call for accidental project managers.


    Project management is bound to evolve and improve continuously. And, there is a need for a mix of technology, people, emotions, and skills that would rule the project management. The technology trends may be embraced to a greater extent, but as a means to increase productivity.

    The people involved will play the key role in bringing success to the project.

    I feel, the year 2018 will be the best one for the aspiring professionals to scale up their skills, take advantage of the technologies for the overall benefit of the project.

    What do you say?

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